The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Trillin
Rank: Leader of the Fifth Council of the South
Status: Alive
Played By: Kandyse McClure


Zara is a southerner of the planet Trillin. Her people, the Southerners, have been at war with the Northerners of Trillin for 10,000 years. She claimed that her people, who were of art, beauty, and creativity were persecuted and driven south by the Northerners.

By the time that the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant found her and her enemy Tearlach, a disease had broken out on Trillin, affecting the Northerners but not their Southerner slaves while not affecting the Southerners but their Northerner slaves. Lach blames Zara and her people for starting the disease whilst Zara blames Lach and his people in kind.

When Dylan becomes infected with this disease (when Lach bites him), the crew decide to investigate the issue on Trillin themselves. Beka and Harper travel to Zara's camp and find that her people are reluctant to share their findings on the disease, as they are afraid that a cure would help the Northerners against them. Beka talks to the doctors but they insist that they had nothing to do with the disease, one of Zara's lieutenants reports that a second slipfighter (Rommie's) is approaching the Northern camp. Concluding that Andromeda is assisting the Northerners, she takes Beka and Harper as hostages. Zara then prepares for battle with her own fighters.

Zara orders the Southern ground troops to attack the Northerners, but a squad from Andromeda arrives, and surrounds all of them. Rhade orders them to lay down their weapons, and they comply. Later, back on the Andromeda, Trance explains to them that the disease was a natural occurrence caused by the separation of the two peoples gene pools and that the only way to save themselves and any future generations is to mingle and create children of mixed blood. Lach and Zara are both unhappy with the idea of intermingling the races, but Trance performs some tests to demonstrate that her theory is correct. Dylan leaves Lach and Zara to work out the differences between their races for themselves, they were last seen getting into an physical altercation before the door shut. ("The Others")