The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Profession: Slave Worker
Ship Posting: Slave planet Midden
Status: Alive
Played By: Linnea Sharples
Children: Breyon


Yvaine is a Human female slave who lives on the Nietzschean enslaved and controlled planet of Midden.


Before she was a Nietzschean slave, she and her husband lived in a city. However, the city was destroyed from orbit because of a Nietzschean dispute. Her husband was killed and she became a slave. She and her stepson Breyon, who she takes care of after his family was killed over a tax dispute, live in a rural area and make a living by fishing in local watersheds and selling them to markets after paying the Nietzschean tithe. She lives an impoverished life, one that she tries to bear. She found Tyr Anasazi after he crash landed on the planet in the damaged Eureka Maru, after being chased by Nietzscheans because he stole back the remains of Drago Museveni. She saw his orbital reentry path, and rescued him, unconscious, assuming that he was Drago-Kazov and that by saving him she would be able to gain some favor with the Nietzscheans on the planet instead of letting him die. She also assumed that if she let him die, that there would be dire consequences for a Human allowing a Nietzschean to die that which she saw as being in her interests. She took care of him until he woke up, and when she realized that he had lost his memory she began to call him "Nemo." Members of a local gang, headed by a man named Hanno enter her hovel and demand their tribute of fish. Tyr woke up and beat up the entire gang and threatened them, but allowed some members to escape. Nietzscheans landed on the planet and tried to find Tyr and his mysterious cargo. They hunt him and eventually corner him, but Dylan Hunt and Beka Valentine find him and help him fight his way free. He later visits Yvaine and thanks her for her help, and asks if she wants to join him on the Andromeda Ascendant. She declines, and says that she would rather live in peace than watch the people around her die. ("Music of a Distant Drum")