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Yoweri XXIII
Gender: Female
Species: Vedran
Planet of Origin: Tarn-Vedra
Nation-State: Tarn-Vedra
Imperial Palace
Universe/Reality: Andromeda
Paa Core
Date of Birth: Approximately C.Y. 2800
Date of Death: C.Y. 2937
Ship Position: Regent of the Systems Commonwealth
Rank: Empress
Age: Unknown
Status: Dead
Mother: Yoweri XXII
Children: No females
Unknown, if any, male children
Chronological and General Info
Era: Early Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth

Yoweri XXIII was the Vedran Empress and leader of the Systems Commonwealth in its early years. She ruled for several decades, and throughout her life did not produce any daughters to succeed her. When she died without an heir in C.Y. 2937, it provoked the Systems Commonwealth's War of Succession. The war lasted 6 decades, and devastated over 1,000 allied worlds. However, by C.Y. 3336, the war had been over for quite some time.


"Any fool can be honest,
for it is only what he knows.
A wise man is aware of
when to share the truth."

Vedran Empress Yoweri XXIII
CY 2932 -- "The Right Horse"


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