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Trance gathering her earnings


Yesheedono is a game of chance which is played on various drifts. It is played on casino Drifts all over known space, and is played on an open table with 4 large multicolored "slices" decorated with symbols and patterns. There are also 4 smaller "slices" which are shades of blue between the larger slices. The slices are arranged around a red circle in the middle, where is where the pot of the ongoing game is placed. ("Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way")

Being a game of chance, Trance Gemini is an excellent player. Because of her abilities to see possible futures, she can win any game and make huge earnings whenever she bets and plays the game as a high roller (whale). She plays it often, and usually makes a great deal of money. ("The Fair Unknown")

However, casino management usually realizes this, and kicks her out of the casino. At Albequerque Drift the owners pursued her since they believed she had cheated while playing. ("Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way")