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Magog World Ship
Current Status: Badly damaged
Manufacturer: Magog
Spirit of the Abyss
Construction Yard: None
Auxiliary Craft: Magog Swarm Ships
Crew Manifest
Crew Complement: trillions of Magog
Commanding Officer: Spirit of the Abyss
Drive Systems
Power Systems: Artificial star
Main FTL Engines: none
Offensive Systems
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Point Singularity Projector
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Ships Role/Purpose: Destroyer of worlds


The Magog World Ship is the "homeworld" of the Magog. It is composed of 20 joined planets surrounding an Artificial star.

First Encounter[]

When the High Guard vessel Andromeda Ascendant, under the command of Captain Perim, was sent to locate the source of the Magog invasion, retracing the path of a long range slipscout, they found routes linking to Messier 86, a galaxy 66,000,000 light years away full of dust and black holes. There, they discovered the World Ship. Its Swarm Ship armada quickly overwhelmed and killed the crew just as the ship barely escaped to Slipstream. The Andromeda Ascendant wandered, lost, in Slipstream for nearly 13 months before she was found by a Than freighter and reported to the Systems Commonwealth. The Vedrans later erased Andromeda's memory of this incident in order to preserve secrecy and to keep the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence from going insane.

Second Encounter[]

Three centuries later, the Andromeda once again met the World Ship. The ship and her crew were barely able to escape a second time, and they were only able to because they detonated a Nova bomb in the World ship's sun. However the weapon had very little effect on the World Ship's slave Artificial star most likely because of the gravity generators that kept the ship's artificial star under control. It was estimated that it would take 2 years for the Magog to recreate their sun. With the knowledge that the Magog threat was on its way to destroy what remained of civilization, the Andromeda set out with a new and urgent sense of determination to reform the Systems Commonwealth.

The Other World Ship[]

The Andromeda encountered a second warship built the cyborg Kroton. It was built from within a small moon, surrounded by mirrors and a light-based weapon in place of an artificial star. Kroton attempted to exit through 5 Slipstream portals opened by Andromeda, one that was an safe exit, the other 4 would destroy the ship. Kroton chose the wrong portal and the ship exploded. ("Waking The Tyrant's Device")

To the Known Worlds[]

As expected, the Magog had repaired the World Ship and were making their way to Known Space. With the Commonwealth fractured, it was likely that they would not be able to withstand an attack.

Andromeda faced the World Ship at Arkology and suffered heavy damage. The crew would have died if Trance Gemini hadn't gone nova.

Unfortunately, upon Andromeda's return to the Known Worlds from the Seefra System, they learned that the World Ship was not destroyed, but only badly crippled. However, with the destruction of the Spirit of the Abyss, it is possible that the leaderless Magog are no longer a threat.