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William Ataturk
William Ataturk
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Profession: Naval Commander
Rank: Fleet Marshall
Status: Dead
Played By: J.R. Bourne
Nietzschean Pride: Drago-Kazov Pride
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Drago-Kazov Pride
Tyr Anasazi (as Leader of the Nietzscheans)
Enemy: enemies of Drago Kazov Pride


William Ataturk was an influential Nietzschean military commander in the days before the disastrous battle of Enga's Redoubt. A talented tactician, Ataturk ascended to the rank of Fleet Marshall of the Drago-Kazov fleet following the demise of Fleet Marshall Cuatemoc.

Ataturk met with Tyr onboard his flagship to confirm Tyr's genetic identity as the Nietzschean Progenitor reincarnated, and after reviewing the Tyr's test results on a flexi handed him the shroud of Drago Museveni.

When Andromeda arrived in the Drago-Kazov system, Ataturk declared the Andromeda a trophy of the Drago-Kazov warning the crew he had thousands of ships available if they tried to resist. He is then contacted by Tyr after Anasazi leaves the Andromeda in a slip fighter who tells him not to follow or attempt to communicate with any further with him as to not give away Tyr's location. The Fleet Marshall is then killed shortly after this in the great space battle that follows above Enga's Redoubt between various Nietzschean prides, Kalderans, Systems Commonwealth, and Ogami raiders.




William Ataturk

William Ataturk