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White Hole



A White Hole is the exact opposite of a Black Hole. Instead of drawing in energy and matter like a black hole a white hole repels all matter, including light. They can be created and usually only exist for very short periods of time, and then collapse into nothingness in a matter of minutes. They were only considered to be theoretical objects by the Systems Commonwealth and many other races and scientific institutions, as the amount of power and space that would be needed to experiment on the creation of a white hole would be tremendous, and the risks extreme as the destruction of an entire solar system is possible. However, one was created by the Andromeda Ascendant. Before their attempt, it was hypothesized that it would take over 40 Nova bombs to create a white hole.


White holes were theorized to exist, and were finally proven to exist, through the general theory of Supersymmetry. Supersymmetry is an explanation of natural symmetry throughout the universe that holds everything together, a duality that is hypothetically supposed to exist between every natural structure in the universe. White holes are also the "vents" for black holes, as black holes suck in every form of matter and white holes are the vent, expelling matter away from them at an extremely high velocity, because time, light, and the laws of physics get blurred in the hole and combine. However, the white holes are apparently lodged in other universes that lie on the other end of the black hole, and only through extreme gravimetric disruptions does it appear in the known universe.


The explanation for supersymmetry is explained through the equation of