The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Inari
Rank: Major
Status: Alive
Played By: Anne Marie Loder


Major Whendar was part of the Inari Military Attache that was sent to meet Dylan on the Andromeda Ascendant. She was loyal to the corrupt mining guilds that controlled the Ammonium phosphate trade to the Pyrian addicts and was complicit with deceiving Dylan as to whom was attacking the Inari cargo vessels. She also tricked Trance Gemini into going to Inaris under false pretenses so that she could be studied. Her deceitfulness was soon found out, mostly through Lieutenant Gadell's confession and she was arrested. ("Pitiless as the Sun")


Dylan: Space is big, cargo ships are small. You obviously had a lot of information you weren't sharing with Major Whendar, which made me think you reported to someone else.
Whendar: How could you work for them? You know how badly our people need the ammonium phosphate trade to survive. And the Pyrians want it.
Gadell: The Pyrian addicts want it, not the Pyrian government. They've asked us to stop the shipments, but our government is controlled by mine owners who'll kill anyone who speaks up against them.
Whendar: We both know whose fault this is, and it's not ours. It was that purple thing, just like the one allied with Hunt.
Dylan: Trance?
Whendar: A male one, just like her. The civil war he started took half our population, destroyed our land, blew up our infrastructure, and plunged us into depression. The ammonium phosphate trade is the only solution to our problems.