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Pax Magellanic - Captain Warrick
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Universe/Reality: All
Profession: High Guard Officer
Ship Posting: Pax Magellanic
Ship Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Status: Deceased
Played By: Douglas O'Keeffe
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Nietzscheans, Magog


Captain Warrick was the commanding officer of the Pax Magellanic, as well as the lover of its Artificial Intelligence persona, and he was killed during the Battle of Herodotus. At the height of the battle and clearly losing, he ordered the Magellanic to self-destruct, in order to protect Commonwealth intelligence and assets. Jill Pearce, the Artificial Intelligence, refused and fired its Slipstream Core at the planet below, destroying the planet and killing Warrick along with his entire crew. ("The Mathematics of Tears")