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Warders are a form of forest ranger that protected the Commonwealth resort and reserve world of Ral Parthia. They survived the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth, and throughout the centuries of the long night their descendants continued the service at the orders of the Vedrans.


The Vedran species were highly fond of the planet Ral Parthia, a world filled with forests and high mountains. During the reign of the Systems Commonwealth, the Vedrans declared the planet a reserve in order to protect its beauty. The Warders were a group of humans that were tasked with protecting the planet and its forests. The organization survived the fall of the commonwealth and would continue to protect the planet for three-hundred years. Refugees from the Commonwealth would flee to Ral Parthia and come udner the protection of the Warders. The Kalderans were a species that despised the Vedrans and everything that meant something to the species, so Ral Parthia became a frequent target. The Warders would continue to fight them over the years, and eventually received the help from the Vedran Uxulta who taught them how to use Force lances. ("The Fair Unknown")

Uxulta would however be captured by Kalderans but managed to escape and return to Ral Parthia. The wardens anticipated her return and Maia set out with three Warders to protect her. When they found the Vedran, they also encountered Captain Dylan Hunt of the Starship Andromeda Ascendant alongside Trance Gemini and Rommie. The groups were intitally hostile to one another but the threat of the Kalderans united them. Maia helped Dylan and his crew to make contact with Uxulta, but things would change drastically as the Vedran ordered Captain Hunt for a Nova bomb and that he would leave the planet. Maia would reluctantly follow the captain, and soon Uxulta would use the core of the Nova Bomb to tesseract Ral Parthia and the surrounding planets so that they would not be found by anyone. What happened to the remaining Warders except Maia are unknown. ("The Fair Unknown")


  • Maia