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Prison warden processing Dylan


The warden interrogating Jessa



The Warden is in fact a collective of identical android bodies operating the prison planet of the Arazians, who send Dylan Hunt and Rommie to the penal facility after a summary judgment of sedition is pased on them. The Warden processes Dylan into the prison on Helios IX and provides him with his food disk, returning later with numerous enforcers to put down an insurrection fomented by the captain. He is destroyed by an "upgrade" instigated, using the last of her energy, by Rommie. ("A Rose in the Ashes")

The Warden is played by Bill Croft.


Warden: This is Re-education Center Helios Nine. I am Sector Three Deputy, this institution's governing artificial intelligence. You will address my avatars as Warden.
Warden: Your food ration disc will activate any of our conveniently located vending machines. You will receive high protein kibble sufficient for twenty-four hours and twenty-four hours only. Do not attempt to re-use your disc. Do not share it with anyone, and do not lose it. Because without your daily ration, you will die. Any questions?
Dylan: Yes. How do I file an appeal?
Warden: You're very funny, prisoner. My only goal is the smooth and efficient operation of this facility. As long as you don't impede that, feel free to amuse the general population.