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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


The Volsung Pride are a now extinct Nietzschean pride based out of the Castalian system. A direct offshoot of the Kodiak pride the Volsung were destroyed when the alliance of Castalian water and air breathers attacked the Volsung's orbital habitat in the skies above Castalia.

Post Commonwealth[]

Originally an offshoot of the Kodiak Pride, the Volsung, like many Nietzschean prides, made their living as pirates and slavers. The Volsung used an asteroid habitat in orbit above Castalia as a base of operations for their slave raids. Thousands of air breathing Castalians were taken from the planets surface to serve and be sold as slaves by the Volsung Nietzscheans. In time the aquatic Castalians, who were ignored because they dwelled under water began to conspire the destruction of their oppressors. In a daring move the water breathers entered into an alliance with their surface dwelling brethren and started a bloody war for control of the planet. Eventually the combined forces of the Castalians overwhelmed the Volsung, and drove them back to their large orbital habitat. Then in a final move to assure that the Volsung would never again threaten Castalia, a missile strike bombarded their habitat in an effort to kill all the Nietzscheans. The strike killed an estimated 75,000 Nietzscheans and their slaves. Tyr Anasazi later compared the attack to genocide claiming that the Volsung, having realized they had lost, were attempting to surrender. In later times the missile strike was covered up by the Castalian government. The new Castalian Republic claimed that the Volsung had destroyed their own habitat in a final act of defiance.