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Virgil Vox
Virgil Vox
Alias: Trance Gemini
Gender: Genderless (Appears female)
Species: Celestial Avatar
Date of Birth: Billions of years ago
Date of Death: CY 10092
Ship Position: Agent of the Abyss, Radio Host
Status: Deceased
Sister: Many other Avatars
Brother: Many other Avatars
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: The Spirit of the Abyss
Enemy: All of creation


Virgil Vox was a Celestial Avatar of the Methus suns that has sided with the Spirit of the Abyss. She appeared to give Trance Gemini advice at one point while she had amnesia and acted as a mysterious radio host in the Seefra System. As her radio personality, Virgil guided Beka Valentine to the Methus Plate and explained to her the history of the Seefra system. In doing so, she appeared to be an ally of the Andromeda and her crew, but her true motives were to manipulate them. When the Andromeda crew went into Methus-2 to fix the sun and its braking system, Virgil appeared to Trance again and argued with her about the Lambent Kith Nebula's plan to destroy the Known Worlds to supposedly destroy the Abyss. When Trance refused to listen to her, she trapped Trance in the core chamber and took her place on Andromeda. However, an encounter with Virgil where she tried to lure Beka into a trap and her different mannerisms from Trance caused the crew to realize the truth which they kept secret from her. When General Burma, another Agent of the Abyss, took over Andromeda after taking Harper captive, Virgil merely watched Burma's confrontation with Beka with amusement and was shocked when Dylan and Rhade returned with the real Trance who they had rescued from Methus-2 before it was destroyed. Virgil had intended for Trance to be destroyed by the Vedran Sun when it consumed Methus-2. After Dylan and Beka killed Burma, Trance and Virgil battled each other. Trance, empowered by the presence of her sun, defeated Virgil this time and she tesseracted away. Virgil returned again posing as Trance during the Battle of Tarazed and had Dylan take Andromeda back to Seefra. As Dylan came up with the plan to destroy the Abyss, the real Trance arrived and commanded Dylan to kill Virgil. As the two looked alike, Dylan had a hard time choosing which one to shoot, but after seeing that the real Trance was crying and knowing that the Abyss had no emotions, Dylan shot Virgil. Virgil took on the voice of her radio personality, revealing her identity to the crew and taunted them before Dylan shot Virgil again, killing her. Virgil then dissipated into smoke.


"Mortals are such strange creatures. They are trapped by fear, the fear of death. Yet death would set them free."

"I am the Nebula. The Nebula is me."


  • The potential source of the name might be that in Dante's Divine Comedy Virgil is his "guide" and "sweet father". As the characters in Season 5 go through their own Purgatory, this would be an apt parallel, and the alliteration fits both the disembodied voice, and the DJ style personality it represents.
  • Vox means "voice" in Latin.
  • A similar name is Locutus in "Star Trek". It translates to "having spoken" or "he who has spoken". This was used in the episode "Vox".



Trance & Virgil

Trance & Virgil

Trance & Virgil fighting

Trance & Virgil fighting