The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Played By: Mackenzie Gray


Venetri was one of the most brutal and feared dictators in Known Space. He reigned over the sovereign system of Mobius where he was known as the "Great Compass". ("Forced Perspective")

Surviving for over 300 years, Venetri was originally an architect working for Mobius' previous political leader, Ferrin. As a talented designer and close personal friend of Ferrin, Venetri was responsible for creating numerous beautiful stadiums and even Ferrin's elaborate royal residence. However he, like many other individuals, began to fear Ferrin and his vicious policies. Eventually, Venetri believed that his former friend had gone too far, and felt that Ferrin had to be removed for the good of Mobius. Collaborating with Argosy Special Operations operatives of the Systems Commonwealth, Dylan Hunt and Gaheris Rhade, Venetri led the 2 High Guard officers through the traps and security measures in Ferrin's compound until the 3 met the dictator face to face. In a sudden and surprising move, Ferrin quickly turned from his chair and opened fire, wounding Hunt. In a reactive move to save the life of his comrade, Rhade shot back, killing Ferrin.

Venetri was shocked and traumatized by the events, regretting his entire involvement in the whole affair, as he had always wanted to ensure that Ferrin made it out alive, so that he could be tried in court. Some time after Ferrin's death, Venetri, with the help of Hunt and the Systems Commonwealth, became Mobius' new leader to peacefully oversee free elections with the Commonwealth backing. Unfortunately, the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War occurred and, with no more Commonwealth support, Venetri was left with a planet in chaos. Sadly, he became just as brutal as his predecessor, in an effort to maintain order. It would be 300 years before he was encountered again by Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini.

Hunt originally returned to Mobius to offer them the chance to join the New Systems Commonwealth, however, the leadership of Mobius had no interest in the Commonwealth Charter; they wanted Hunt. Upon arrival, Dylan was knocked unconscious, and later tortured while being questioned about his first visit to the planet roughly 300 years before. It was then that Hunt learned the Venetri had succeeded Ferrin as Mobius' dictator, calling himself "The Great Compass". Baffled as to how the man he had met so many years before was still alive, it would eventually be revealed that Mobius' Compass used countless clones of himself to replace his failing organs. In the end, Venetri was given a chance to make things right by stepping down from his position as dictator, and turning control over to the senate and the people. Hunt and Trance spoke of the need for architects in the Halcyon system. Venetri apparently accepted the offer and left Mobius. His ultimate fate is unknown.