The Vedran Training Center, also known as the Training Center for the Protection of Avatars, was an installation created by the Vedrans on Seefra-2 with the site being made as a training ground for protectors of the Avatars of the Lambent Kith Nebula. It consisted of a special locked room where trainees were required to face their worst fears and overcome them in order to succeed in becoming protectors. The entry was protected by a door that repelled any attempts at forcibly opening it, and only a person that underwent the trial is able to open the doorway. ("Moonlight Becomes You")

Normally, protectors were born and not trained, but the Vedrans refused to accept this fact, which was why they created these centers, as well as established a Vedran Training Manual. Unfortunately, many of the trainees were unable to pass the tests in the Training Center, dying as a result of their failure. The doorway would remain unused within the Seefra System, where it would become a legend amongst the inhabitants of the system. These legends would say that those that succeeded in becoming a protector gained a prize, whilst those that failed went mad. ("Moonlight Becomes You")

Seamus Harper came to believe that the Training Center was a site of advanced technology or other treasures. This led to Beka Valentine and Telemachus Rhade both being trapped inside the Center. Upon learning this, Trance Gemini and Ione both warned Dylan Hunt that unless they were let out, the two would die, as they would be unable to pass the trials. Dylan was ultimately able to complete the trial, allowing his two crew mates to live. ("Moonlight Becomes You")

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