Vedran Portal Chamber


The portal activated


The Vedran Portal Chambers are a series of identical inter-solar transportation devices that were put into place to make travel between the Seefra planets instantaneous and easy. They were, in recent times, rediscovered and guarded by Orlund.

They were created when the Tarn-Vedra System was converted into the Seefra System. They were put in place as a transport hub between all the Seefran clone planets. ("What Will Be Was Not")

Each Chamber consists of an entrance from a series of subterranean tunnels, a central pedestal with eight holes as storage spots for eight crystal keys. Eight doors surround the pedestal opposite the entrance. The doors are large and metal and have designs on the panels, each of which appears to contain components underneath. They also have a key slot for a crystal in the surrounding frame of each door. When a crystal key is placed in the key slot, it activates a Tessaract portal to the corresponding Seefran planet. Stepping through, one is instantly moved to the selected planet. ("What Will Be Was Not")

Over time the portal chambers were forgotten and only a select few knew of their existence. They considered themselves guardians of the Vedran technology and became zealots, eventually guarding the chambers even from their creators' use, afraid of persecution for their efforts. One such guardian eventually gained the trust and admiration of Captain Dylan Hunt. This same guardian had collected enough key crystals to complete one set of eight which he keeps in the pedestal on Seefra 1. When a door is activated from one side, it is accessible by both sides by placing a hand on a certain panel. it is not necessary to have a crystal on both sides, for example if someone on Seefra 1 places a crystal in the fifth door, then the first door in Seefra 5's portal chamber will become active.

The keys themselves are linked to their planet's structure, and if the crystal is struck it causes termors planetwide. According to Harper if a crystal is damaged, it could destroy the planet it is linked to. This would explain why the keys were hidden since if any one planet was destroyed, the entire system would be wiped out with the return of the Vedran sun. ("What Will Be Was Not")

The portal chambers were later used to assist in the evacutation of Seefra 2-9 inhabitants to Seefra 1.

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