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The Vedran Empress is the supreme ruler of the Vedran race, and the figurehead of the Systems Commonwealth's government.



Before the Commonwealth was created by the massive galaxy-wide campaign conducted by Yoweri I and her husband, the Supreme Commander of the Vedran military, Huascar nax Yoweri, the Vedran Empress was the supreme ruler of the Vedran people. It was a hereditary title, passed down through the generations within the royal family to the oldest female in the bloodline. When the Commonwealth was finally founded because the Vedrans were at a political breaking point, the title and the holder of it were relegated to a ceremonial position.

Systems Commonwealth[]

When the Vedran Empire evolved into the Systems Commonwealth, the Vedran Empress retained her title as the state’s titular ruler with a limited and checked influence over political affairs. The Vedran monarch was also to be moral authority inspiring citizens and soldiers alike. It is an inherited title, passed down from mother to daughter, and was passed down for over 10,000 years ("The Fair Unknown"). When the Commonwealth civil war broke out the last known Empress was apparently killed in an Nietzschean attack, although the fate of the princess is unknown ("Angel Dark, Demon Bright").

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