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The Vedran Astroengineering Institute (VAI) is a scientific organization that operated within the Systems Commonwealth. The institute was responsible for developing the Slipstream navigation systems for the Commonwealth fleet. Its members are given hexagonal identification chips that indicate that the individual is a member of the Institute. ("When Goes Around...")

Whilst the public mission of the organization was upgrading navigational systems, its actual purpose was to find the ways and means of securing the Commonwealth's end of slipstream. This institute existed as far back as CY 9789 during the height of the Systems Commonwealth prior to the Long Night. This group continued its classified mission in order to prevent the agents of the Spirit of the Abyss from discovering the Seefra System. Amongst its operatives included a Human Lieutenant named Celine. Her supervisors, however, had their own plans, diverting funds as well as used the navigational technology of the VAI which was to create a portal to the Route of Ages with this point being located on Seefra-1. ("When Goes Around...")

A team from the VAI is known to have shown Captain Dylan Hunt the navigational upgrades they had made to the Andromeda Ascendant. Celine continued her work on the project, but she had been duped and was unaware of the motivations of her superiors. Celine learnt that the plans of her supervisors required a planetary shift that would cause devastating climatic disasters on those worlds. As such, she attempted to warn her fellow VAI technicians by showing them her calculations. But her superiors attempted to claim that she was insane and she tried to stop them which led to her being trapped within a time loop for three hundred years. ("When Goes Around...")