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Wikia Andromeda - Varastaya at lance point
Gender: Female
Species: Cyborg
Status: Dead
Played By: Lori Stewart


Varastya was a female mercenary cyborg who was in the employ of the Nightsider Gerentex. She and 3 other mercenaries, Brexos, Glasten, and Tyr Anasazi were secretly hidden aboard the Maru in case Gerentex's salvage attempt of the Andromeda Ascendant went awry, and there were living crew members or other salvage crews on board. She was paired with Trance Gemini and went to explore the vessel to search for other living beings. The pair encountered Captain Hunt. Trance ran away and hid, but the cyborg fought Dylan and lost. She was knocked unconscious, and later decided to jump into an escape pod with Brexos in an attempt to escape the Andromeda, which was being pushed into a black hole. They were unable to escape the gravity well, and were sucked in.


  • Her combat style and movements are reminiscent of the female Replicants in the film "Blade Runner".