The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Slaver leader
Status: Dead
Played By: David Palffy


Ursari was the leader of a group of slavers who often took villagers from a village on the planet of Serendipity. He and his men, including his second-in-command, Juma, meet Dylan at the village and are surprised to see defenses up. He offers Dylan Hunt a deal that he will take only a few villagers, even offering to have Dylan chose which ones, but Dylan refuses. Ursari was about to kill Dylan when Rev Bem arrived and he and his men fled in fear of the Magog.

Later he and his men attack the village and are overwhelmed. They suffer a high number of casualties, including Juma, who is impaled with a spear by the villagers. Juma tries to tell him to make him make his men retreat, and after holding his second-in-command in his arms, he informs Dylan that "this is not over".

Some time later, he and his surviving men attempt to execute a plan to destroy the village, but he and a couple of his men are tricked into going into a cave, where his men are killed by Dylan and he is eaten by recently-spawned Magog, the children of Tiama. ("The Devil Take the Hindmost")