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AM9D Ung Tae Dropship
Type: Dropship
Role: Ship-to-Surface Troop Transport
Lancer Complement: 1 Platoon
Drive/Computer Systems
Power Plant: Antiproton Fusion Reactors
Sub-Light Propulsion: Navigational Thrusters
Combat Systems:
  • Antiproton Cannon turret
  • 150mm deployable mass-driver
  • Multi-layered ablative and reactive armor
Chronological and General Info
Era(s): Systems Commonwealth
New Systems Commonwealth
Faction: Systems Commonwealth


The AM9D Ung Tae dropship is a combination of an armored personnel carrier, hover tank, and skiff used by the Systems Commonwealths High Guard Lancer Corps. These vessels are the primary delivery vehicles for platoons of Lancers, capable of all-weather operations in up to 20 Gs. Each ship is able to transport a platoon of Lancers plus their equipment, as well as provisions for short-term accommodations. Although slow, the Ung Tae can take a tremendous pounding due to multiple layers of ablative and reactive armor.

Each ship is armed with a single direct fire Antiproton Cannon turret and a deployable 150mm mass driver for indirect fire support. Operating in concert, a division of AM9Ds can coordinate mass-driver effects for simultaneous arrival on target with pinpoint accuracy.