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Una Salus Victus


Production #


Original air date

November 12, 2001

Written by

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz

Directed by

Allan Kroeker

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Adrian Hughes as Fleet Marshall Cuchulain Nez Pierce
Kendall Cross as Parvati Quechua
Glenn Ennis as Drago Officer

Preceded by

All Too Human

Followed by

Home Fires

One Mark V ECM unit, 1000 km of
Fullerene cable, one low-yield nuclear warhead. Purpose:
Surprise party for foreign dignitary."
Argosy Special Operations
requisition form,
CY 9512

"Una Salus Victus" is episode 7 of Season 2.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 2


Andromeda is escorting a convoy to bring medical relief to a world infected with a deadly plague. In order to reach their destination quickly, they must travel through the Acheron system, where the Drago-Kazov Pride has taken control of a pre-fall High Guard missile base.

Acheron High Guard Missile Base

Acheron High Guard Missile Base

Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi are on the surface of Acheron, attempting to find a way into the cliffside control center originally designed by the High Guard and known as High Guard Station Acheron. As they work their way through the woods, Tyr shoots several Nietzscheans. Dylan disapproves of this as he wanted to take prisoners.

After one Slipstream transit, Andromeda finds one ship, containing key supplies and personnel, missing. Beka sets out on the Maru to find it, leaving Harper in command, much to Rommie's chagrin. Beka locates the missing ship, but 3 Nietzschean Garuda class fighters move to intercept her.

After crossing a canyon with a grappling hook and cable arrangement, fired from the Force lance, Dylan and Tyr find an isolated entrance to the control complex. On the communications channel, they hear a Nietzschean sergeant warning his troops of their presence. They force their way through the entrance with explosives, and are fired on by an automatic, large bore Gauss gun with hyperspectral sensors and fullerene plating, which they disable.

Beka runs interference, allowing the supply ship to make it to Slipstream, and destroying one of the Nietzschean fighters. She is reluctant to follow directly, because she does not want to lead the Nietzscheans back to the Andromeda. She opens a Slipstream portal to blind their sensors, reverses course, and heads straight back at them. She destroys the second fighter, and disables the third, but the Maru is crippled in the process.

On the Andromeda Ascendant, Seamus Harper is concerned that Beka missed the rendezvous. Andromeda states that it is his choice whether to continue the mission or search for Beka, but he decides to continue and trust Beka to catch up.

Dylan and Tyr make their way deeper into the fortress, where they find a dead end and a Dragan trap. A squad of Nietzscheans attack them, but they fight their way through and escape.

Beka evaluates the damage, and realizes that it will take her four hours work to fix either the weapons or the engines, and she knows that the Nietzschean pilot is also working on repairs, so she chooses to work on the engines. The Nietzschean pilot hails her, and Beka is surprised to find that it is a woman, Parvati Quechua. Quechua offers to let Beka surrender, since she has nothing against her personally. Beka says that she knows Parvati Quechua is also damaged, and offers to accept her surrender. She declines, and it becomes a race to make the necessary repairs.

Cuchulain, leading the Nietzschean forces on Acheron, sends a demand for surrender to Dylan on the communications channel. He says that he wants Tyr Anasazi, and if Dylan will turn him over, he will let Dylan go, let the relief ships through, and perhaps even consider joining the Systems Commonwealth. Cuchulain, then says, "But if you protect him, I'll kill you. I'll destroy the Andromeda and I'll turn that relief convoy into a live fire exercise." Assuming that Dylan Hunt still does not know the details of Tyr's expedition to the Dragan homeworld, he makes it clear that the incident at Enga's Redoubt is at the heart of his interest in Tyr. Tyr, however, is still not volunteering any information about it to Dylan.

Andromeda Ascendant is one jump from Acheron, and Beka still has not returned. Seamus Harper is very worried, as well as angry at the Dragans. He holds a grudge against them, since they controlled Earth while he was living there. Rommie tries to keep him focused on the task at hand.

Tyr Anasazi is explaining his plan to deal with Cuchulain and the Dragans when Dylan Hunt draws his Force lance and points it at Tyr. He demands to know what Tyr stole from the Drago-Kazov Pride. Tyr shares all the details, and explains how the Nietzscheans believe that one day a genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni will be born, and re-unite the Nietzschean Prides. The bones are the only means of verifying the Nietzschean Messiah's identity, so holding it is both power over and protection from other Nietzschean Prides. Tyr adds that the bones are the property of the Kodiak Pride and can be used as a shield against Nietzschean attacks. No Nietzschean will risk damaging the bones. Tyr observes that Dylan is attempting to re-shape the universe according to his will, and this could be used to his advantage. The threat of the Magog World Ship is an excuse.

Parvati Quechua hails Beka Valentine again, claiming to be bored. She says that she respects Beka for "testing her will against a hostile universe". Beka wonders aloud why a Nietzschean female is a fighter pilot, and Parvati Quechua explains that she is sterile, but by being a good pilot, she can raise the status of her family. Beka Valentine tries to take a shortcut in her engine repairs, which does not work, and almost blows her engines. She cuts the connection with Quechua, saying she is busy.

Andromeda Ascendant arrives in the Acheron system, and is immediately attacked by a large Nietzschean fleet. They realize that the entire situation was orchestrated by the Drago-Kazov as a trap for the Andromeda. They released the plague, knowing the Andromeda would escort the medical convoy, and they would have to travel through Acheron. Harper is ready and willing to fight the Dragans.

Beka Valentine is, once again, on the line with Quechua. Parvati Quechua says that she is impressed with what Beka has done with the life she was given. While they are talking, the Eureka Maru's computer detects and intercepts an attempt by Quechua to transmit a computer virus. Beka proposes that they both go their separate ways without trying to kill each other, but Parvati Quechua claims that allowing Beka to escape would count as a failure for her, and diminish her family's status.

Dylan Hunt calls Cuchulain, telling him that he is willing to hand Tyr Anasazi over.

Andromeda Ascendant is taking heavy damage, but the convoy is getting through. Seamus Harper has to make a decision, balancing his own safety against that of the convoy. Andromeda provides him with advice, but says that the final decision is up to him.

Cuchulain meets with Dylan Hunt, who has Tyr Anasazi in handcuffs. Cuchulain tells him that the Andromeda Ascendant is under heavy fire, and if Dylan will hand over Tyr, he will call his fleet off. Cuchulain Nez Pierce compares the fight to a pack of wolves attacking a grizzly bear. The bear easily defeats the first wolf attack, but sheer numbers and fatigue overwhelm the bear. Dylan replies that his money is still on the bear to win. Tyr, however, breaks free of his bonds and attacks the Dragans, killing and injuring several before both he and Dylan flee, because it was a trick; Dylan Hunt never intended to hand Tyr over. Cuchulain is enraged at being duped and orders his soldiers to capture Tyr, because he needs information from him, but they are free to kill Dylan.

Seamus Harper is taking an aggressive stance, but Andromeda Ascendant reminds him that they need to protect the convoy. Trance presents the following analysis to him: If the convoy gets through, the Drago-Kazov lose, and Harper has beaten them, even if the Andromeda is destroyed. Harper takes this advice to heart, and moves to protect the convoy.

Dylan Hunt makes his way to the command center, and finds Tyr Anasazi there. Tyr proposes that they "blow this place up and leave", but Dylan has something he wants to do first.

The convoy gets through to Slipstream, and Seamus Harper turns the Andromeda Ascendant to attack the Nietzscheans, despite the odds. Suddenly, the Nietzschean ships start exploding as Dylan Hunt has set the missile batteries to fire on them.

Parvati Quechua has finished her repairs, and hails Beka Valentine one last time, and asks her if she has any last messages to be conveyed. Beka, desperate, bypasses the life support systems to enable fire control, and destroys Quechua's fighter, but she regrets the necessity.

Cuchulain and his troops enter the command center, cornering Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi. Dylan has prepared, though, and begins to bombard the command center. He estimates that it will take 5 or 6 missiles to destroy it. Cuchulain states that Dylan is running a bluff. After the third one hits, Cuchulain starts to negotiate with him. After the fourth one, he agrees to call off his fleet. He cautions Dylan, however, that while previously he was only interested in Tyr, now Dylan has made himself a target.

Beka Valentine returns to the Andromeda Ascendant, shaken, but the relief efforts are now underway.

Tyr Anasazi confronts Dylan on the Andromeda Ascendant Command Center. Dylan has removed his access to the Andromeda Ascendant storage area where he is keeping the bones. Dylan says that Tyr is welcome to leave the ship any time he wants, but the bones of Drago Museveni are going to stay here. Tyr concedes that as long as Dylan keeps them safe, he will accept this arrangement for now but, some day, he will want them back. Dylan allows that he might even give them to Tyr, depending on "the shape of the universe". Tyr states that Dylan's tactic of targeting his own position has revealed to Cuchulain Nez Pierce how far Dylan will go to obtain victory, this leaves him vulnerable. Dylan replies, "Una Salus Victus Tyr, it's not about being invulnerable. It's about being ready for anything". 


Memorable Quotes[]

Tyr: You're right. This might have been easier had we been able to follow your plan.
Dylan: Damn! That was almost an apology!
Tyr: It was nothing of the kind.

Dylan: I can't see them, but sensors insist there's a squad down there.
Tyr: Then we've got two options. One: a frontal assault.
Dylan: And two?
Tyr: Sprout wings, make ourselves invisible with a pocketful of pixie dust and fly inside.
Dylan: I don't know about the pixie dust part, but flying... that's not bad.
Tyr: It was a joke.

Beka: The Eureka Maru, proudly saving your ass since AFC 291.

Eureka Maru: Warning specified proximity exceeds safety margin.
Beka: Override safety protocols, authorization code: "Shut-up, and do what I tell you to!"
Eureka Maru: Authorization accepted.

Harper: I've known Beka for nearly five years, OK? She's the only one I know still nuts enough to put up with me on a daily basis.

Tyr: Well, we might let God sort them out, but someone told me he was dead. (laughs)
Dylan: That Nietzsche, what a comedian!

Harper: Yeah, well, I don't feel very lucky. In fact, I feel like a big, old can of unluck that's just about to open up on someone.

Parvati Quechua: You're not so bad, as far as kludges go. I have to admit, I like you I really do.
Beka: Enough not to kill me?
Quechua: Well, no, but I promise to feel bad about it after.

Andromeda: I am reading a Nietzschean task force.
Harper: 10 capital ships, 40 fighters. Oh great, can I get some fries with that.
Rommie: that leaves us staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.
Harper: Fine. Fine. I'm getting sick of these Drago-Jerkoffs. They want war. Lets give 'em war. Trance, report to command.
Trance: On my way.
Rommie: Harper.
Harper: Rommie, you heard me. Lets put their lights out. Battlestations.

Tyr: So this is all just a misunderstanding?
Dylan: Exactly.
Tyr: I'll buy that. Shall we blow up this place and leave?

Harper: On my mark, attack pattern Last Act of Freakin' Defiance!

Cuchulain: Until now, all I cared about was Tyr, and what he stole from us. Now, I care very much about you.
Dylan: Well, you see, that's what the universe needs more people caring for each other. Have a good trip out!