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"I am Tyr ... Anasazi of Kodiak Pride! Out of Victoria by Barborosa! And I ... will never .. surrender!"--Tyr Anasazi

Tyr Anasazi
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Nation-State: Kodiak Orbital Habitat
Date of Birth: CY 10050 (5124 A.D.) on Kodiak Asteroid
Profession: Assassin
Crew member aboard the Andromeda Ascendant
Leader of the New Nietzschean Empire
Ship Posting: Andromeda Ascendant
Rank: Weapons officer
Status: Dead
Played By: Keith Hamilton Cobb
Nietzschean Pride: Kodiak Pride
Mother: Victoria
Father: Barbarossa Anasazi
Spouse: Freya Rajput
Children: Tamerlane Anasazi
Paternal Grandfather: Temujin
Status: Genetic Reincarnation of Drago Museveni
Position: Leader of Restored Nietzschean Empire
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Andromeda Ascendant Crew (former), Nietzschean Prides, Pish Tryan, Spirit of the Abyss
Enemy: Drago-Kazov Pride

Tyr Anasazi of the Kodiak Pride, out of Victoria by Barbarossa, was a Nietzschean mercenary, assassin, and later major political figure of the Long Night era as well as the rise and fall of the New Systems Commonwealth that followed.



Tyr was born on the Kodiak asteroid homeworld orbiting Enga's Redoubt to Barbarossa Anasazi and his wife Victoria in the years leading up the Drago-Kazov's betrayal of the Kodiak Pride. During this incident the Dragons attacked the Kodiak, a pride which had up until this point been their allies and the guardians of the remains of Drago Museveni, catching them unprepared allowing them to slaughter almost the entire pride. Tyr however managed to survive this initial onslaught but was captured and sold by alien slavers at a relatively young age in C.Y. 10065 to work in the mines on Xochital, when he was in a refugee camp with the remnants of his pride. In C.Y. 10077, the mines caved in and he was buried approximately 200 meters underground, but he escaped, partly due to his indomitable will and his genetically derived superior strength and endurance. Tyr soon became an apprentice to veteran mercenary Tuco Sentenza (name from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by Sergio Leone). Soon, he assassinated his master and became a highly paid and talented mercenary who would be secretly hired by a wealthy and powerful Nightsider, Gerentex, to secure the presumed lost High Guard warship Andromeda Ascendant alongside the crew of the Eureka Maru.


Following this incident, he joined Captain Dylan Hunt in his quest for a restored Commonwealth alongside the Maru's crew: Beka Valentine, Seamus Harper, Trance Gemini and Rev Bem.

Although Tyr's aggressive attitude and combative nature occasionally put him at odds with Dylan's more diplomatic approach, the two strong men developed a certain respect for each other, with Tyr once commenting that, in his opinion, if the universe collapsed, Dylan would be one of the only three survivors (The other two being Tyr himself and the cockroaches, whom "Dylan would try to save"). Although Dylan knew that he could only "trust Tyr to be Tyr", he also knew how to ensure that what was best for Tyr Anasazi would be best for the Andromeda.

However, over time Tyr did occasionally display some surprisingly self-sacrificing behavior for a Nietzschean, such as when he risked death by hypothermia when trapped on the sinking Eureka Maru so that the comatose Seamus Harper could use the only available EVA suit (They intended to flood the sinking ship with water and release it to propel them upwards).

In season one Tyr married Freya Rajput, First Daughter of the powerful Nietzscheans of Orca Pride, and she gave birth to their son, Tamerlane Anasazi, around a year later. Tyr was separated from her shortly after the consummation of the arranged marriage and they met again more than a year later. Tamerlane Anasazi was the genetic reincarnation of the legendary Nietzschean Progenitor, Drago Museveni. The genetic reincarnation of Musevini was prophesied to be the Nietzschean Messiah, a great leader who would one day unite the various Nietzschean Prides and lead them to total domination over all the other sentient species of the galaxies, including non-enhanced humans. This attracted the attention of the Knights of Genetic Purity, a group of fanatical genetic purists who sought to destroy the genetically-enhanced, especially the men and women of the Nietzschean Prides. Freya died in the conflict with the Knights of Genetic Purity, which brought their armies into Nietzschean territory and virtually wiped out the rest of Orca Pride. Their son Tamerlane was sent away secretly for his own safety.

In season 3, after returning to Andromeda, following the events of "If The Wheel Is Fixed", Tyr's boneblades have mysteriously vanished and though initially commented on by his crew, the matter is soon dropped. Later, in Vault of the Heavens and Deep Midnight's Voice, his fellow Nietzscheans would comment on the lack of blades accusing Tyr of "going native" and a "sign of weakness." Much later, in Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath, Tyr would leave the Andromeda under the guise of searching for surviving members of his pride. In reality he would visit a black market Perseid surgeon who, for a "modest fee" would restore his blades. Tyr, however, declines and reminds the Perseid of the actual operation he was hired to perform: replacing the DNA in his blood and bone marrow with a copy of Drago Museveni's.

In the season three episode "And Your Heart Will Fly Away", Tyr's former lover, a headstrong and fiery Nietzschean woman whom they rescued, named Desiree D'lene, is revealed to be Medea Zimri, out of Isabella by Zarathustra, also of the once-powerful but now fallen Kodiak Pride, though this fact they both state their intention to conceal, when they part at the end of the episode. Tyr also has an interesting relationship with Beka Valentine, but it is not addressed by both characters until "Shadows Cast By a Final Salute". But it is too late, Tyr is leaving and has betrayed both Beka and the Andromeda. So Tyr departs, leaving shambles of the life he led for the past few years.

He was a crew member on the Andromeda Ascendant from CY 10087 - 10089.

After Andromeda[]

In the beginning of season 4, Tyr uses his son Tamerlane's DNA to trick all the other Nietzschean Prides into thinking he, not Tamerlane, is the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni. He secretly unites the Drago-Kazov Pride, the Sabra-Jaguar Pride and the Maroon Prides, the three most powerful Nietzschean Prides, becomes their supreme leader, and leaves the Andromeda because his people were working with the Spirit of the Abyss. He then looked for the Star Map to the Route of Ages in order to weaken the Abyss and find a way to destroy the terrifying Magog, which threatened all the sentient inhabitants of Known Space with extinction. He ultimately ended up in an alternate universe where thought becomes reality with Andromeda crewmember Beka Valentine.

He bargains with the Spirit of the Abyss: if he is set free, they can use Beka Valentine as a spy on Andromeda. Once the Spirit of the Abyss sealed its influence inside Beka, Dylan Hunt, accompanied by engineer Seamus Harper and a new Nietzschean officer named Telemachus Rhade, arrives and the crew attempt to capture him. Defiant to the end, Tyr Anasazi refused to surrender. In the end, Tyr was shot in the back and fell into the abyss, a canyon with endless darkness, and was never seen again.

His son's fate is unknown.

Alternate Timeline[]

In an alternate timeline where Rhade killed Dylan, Tyr joined Rhade in his mission to restore the Commonwealth. At the Battle of Witchhead, Tyr believed that Rhade should help the Nietzscheans and was infuriated when Rhade chose to destroy the Nietzschean fleet instead. After the battle Tyr confronted Rhade about his decision claming that Rhade had betrayed their people. Rhade's exact words were "Our people were meant to be living gods, warrior-poets who roamed the stars bringing civilization, not cowards and bullies who prey on the weak and kill each other for sport. I never imagined they'd prove themselves so inferior." ("The Unconquerable Man")

Personal life[]

Tyr married Freya of the pride Orca ("Double Helix") who gave birth to Tyr's son Tamerlane. Later it became clear that this boy is the genetic reincarnation of the Nietzschean progenitor Drago Museveni who will (according to a prophecy) reunite the Nietzschean prides. The Knights of Genetic Purity killed Freya but Tamerlane could be saved (episode Immaculate Perception). Later, Tyr expresses an interest in Beka Valentine, his shipmate on the Andromeda. Even though Beka returns these feelings they never mentioned it to each other until it was too late, and Tyr had betrayed and was leaving the Andromeda.


Tyr's Gauss guns are some of his most important possessions. He has several, but uses 3 more than any of the others.

He has a snub-nosed Gauss gun that is an automatic, and is suited for close in combat. It uses small clips, and is apparently powerful and fast, as it eats up ammo.

He also has a hand gun which he uses frequently. It is unique, and he usually has it close at hand.

Tyr's favorite gun is, by far, his assault rifle. No other person has been shown wielding this weapon, he may have built it himself in the Andromeda Ascendant's armory. It is huge and complex, measuring about 4 feet long, with 3 barrels, one special launcher able to fire grappling hooks and mortars, and a large bore grenade launcher underneath the main barrel.

He cares about it deeply, shown when he compares it to Rommie. "... so did the gauss rifle I left behind on Enga's Redoubt, but you don't see me mounting a rescue operation to retrieve it."

He lost it in hand-to-hand combat in "Tunnel At The End Of The Light", much to his dismay. "That was a very good gun!"


  • The name "Tyr Anasazi" is composed of the name of the Old Norse god of bravery and duty, Tyr (who placed his hand in the Fenris Wolf's mouth so the other gods could chain the beast), and a Native American tribe, the Anasazi, whose name means "ancient enemy" in the Navajo tongue. The day of the week called "Tuesday" was in honor of the god Tyr.
  • Fenrir is the Old Norse translation of Fenrisúlfr (Old Norse: "Fenris wolf").
  • Tuco Sentenza is a reference to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by Sergio Leone.
  • In "Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath" Tyr goes to Desideratum Drift as "Mister Jericho".



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