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Type 2 Arch Light Slipfighter
Type: Slipfighter
Role: Deep Strike Operations
Crew Complement: 1
Drive/Computer Systems
Power Plant: Antiproton Fusion Reactor
Standard Armaments: Capacity for at least 1 Nova bomb
Chronological and General Info
High Guard
Systems Commonwealth


The Type 2 Arc Light Slipfighter was a class of long-range strike fighter used by the High Guard of the Systems Commonwealth. At least 22 of these ships were stored at High Guard Station GS-92196, and were made accessible to the child descendants of the former High Guard crew after Captain Dylan Hunt used his password to gain entry to the station's hangar bay. ("To Loose the Fateful Lightning")

The Arc Light has several hardpoints that can be used for lauching Nova bombs. High Guard Station GS-92196 had over 1000 Type 2's stationed there before the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War.


  • An Arc is used for measuring angles or refers to the use of electricity/heat in engineering.



Arc Lights in High Guard Station GS-92196s Drydock.