The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Vicinity of Olivares Trust
Climate: Hostile
Societal information
Species: Unknown
Population: 0


Tychen is an uninhabited wasteland of a planet. The inhabitants bombed themselves into oblivion, and after the radiation from the holocaust had died down to less dangerous levels (a process which took centuries), it was open for salvage. The surface has hostile weather and requires EVA suits to survive. It is covered in ruins, which are plundered by salvager's to sell to universities at high prices. Beka and the crew of the Eureka Maru secured a contract from Goran to salvage anything of value. They would get 25 percent of whatever they found. It took them 4 missions to find something worth a large amount of money: diamonds. They were extracted from underground using explosives, but later lost. Restorians patrol the space around the planet, and take shots at the usually unarmed salvagers. ("Destruction of Illusions")