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Trusting the Gordian Maze


Production #


Original air date

April 19, 2004

Written by

Paul Barber and Larry Barber

Directed by

Jorge Montesi

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Guest stars

Carmen Moore as Tri-Jema

Peter DeLuise as Calvino
Anne Marie Loder as Astrid
John Burnside as Roddick
Emily Holmes as Indra Xicol

Preceded by

Abridging the Devil's Divide

Followed by

Symmetry of Imperfection

"Our vanguard is point of the lance.
Then came design and crimson flame.
There, they still wait somehow."
Disciples of Qhatch
CY 0417

"Trusting the Gordian Maze" is episode 18 of Season 4.


The crew is expecting the arrival of Indra Xicol, a noted Systems Commonwealth spy. She is acting on behalf of Tri-Jema, who claims to be seeking reconciliation with Dylan, and wants access to the Star Map. They are unsure whether to trust her, and Dylan sends Telemachus Rhade out shortly before her arrival, telling him to "make it look good".

Indra Xicol arrives, presenting him with a medal and assuring him that he has Tri-Jema's trust and forgiveness, and that she wants to reconcile with him. Dylan does not completely trust her. He informs her that the map was stolen a few days ago, by someone on the Andromeda Ascendant. Indra is suspicious, but cannot really prove anything. Dylan reassures her that he sent someone to retrieve the copy he made before entering the Route of Ages.

Rhade returns, his slipfighter damaged and out of control. He contacts Andromeda, and informs Dylan that he was unable to retrieve the copy of the map. Andromeda catches his out-of-control slipfighter in her hangar. He comes on board angry, Harper was supposed to rig the slipfighter so he could fake an accident, not actually cause one! To add insult to injury, Dylan informs him that he does not believe that Indra "bought it."

Dylan asks Indra to accompany him to retrieve the map from friends of his, a married couple named Calvino and Astrid. They live within a maze, on a planet which is itself surrounded by a slipstream maze.

Trance Gemini tells Dylan that she does not trust Indra.

Dylan, Indra, and Rhade leave for Calvino and Astrid's planet, leaving Beka Valentine in command, with a Commonwealth fleet approaching.

Rhade pilots through the Slipstream maze and lands on the planet. In the course of flirting with Indra, Dylan warns them that Calvino and Astrid are "crazy". The three of them start to walk through the maze of corridors on the surface, and Rhade gets separated.

After using the grapple and line on his Force lance to swing over a pit, Dylan and Indra hear a crashing sound. They find Calvino, accompanied by another man, and throwing plates around the room. He tells Dylan that his wife has the map, and resumes throwing plates, which Indra catches. Astrid enters the room, argues with Calvino, throws him to the ground, and leaves. Calvino gives Indra a piece of something, and tells her to give it to Astrid, if she accepts it, and puts the pieces together, then she forgives him. Dylan and Indra head back into the maze.

The Commonwealth fleet approaches the Andromeda with the Triumvirate Heavy Cruiser Halcyon Promise in the lead. Tri-Jema insists that Andromeda stay where she is, demands to know the whereabouts of Dylan, and refuses to talk to Beka.

Rhade and Indra find Astrid, while Dylan returns to Calvino. Calvino warns Dylan that, while he is testing Indra, she is also testing him. Dylan seems taken by Indra, but agrees that they need to move to "the final round" of the test.

Beka leaves Andromeda in a slipfighter, while Andromeda maneuvers to conceal her departure. Tri-Jema notices, but tells them that it doesn't matter: she will have the map.

Rhade and Indra demand the map from Astrid, but she kicks Rhade out. Dylan arrives, and also demands the map, but Astrid gives her piece to Indra, whom she seems to have taken a liking to. Indra puts the two pieces together, but a third piece seems to be missing, Dylan provides this third piece, and tells Indra to keep it.

Dylan and Indra kiss, and end up in bed together. They agree that the two of them will take the map back to the Commonwealth together. However, in the morning, Indra wakes first, takes the map, and leaves. Dylan wakes and sees her leave, but does not stop her.

Indra leaves in a slipfighter, but Rhade notes that it is not an optimal time to navigate the maze. Dylan seems disappointed, but Rhade says that he never trusted her. Calvino and Astrid demonstrate that their "insanity" was really just an act, orchestrated by Dylan to test Indra.

Beka arrives in the system, contacts Dylan, and notifies him about the Commonwealth fleet. Dylan and Rhade return to the Andromeda, and inform Tri-Jema that Indra has the map, and where she is. Tri-Jema takes the fleet, and enters the maze in her ship, which is torn apart and explodes. Indra is still navigating the maze, unable to find her way out. She tries to use the star map to find her way out, but discovers it is just a recording of Dylan, telling her that she should have trusted him.


  • The title refers to the maze of the Labyrinth and the Gordian Knot, the insoluble problem which required "outside the box" thinking to solve.
  • In the "Flash Gordon" episode "Cold Day in Hell" Fria sentences Mallow to imprisonment in the hope that he may learn something. Dylan tells Indra that if she escapes the maze she will learn something.


Rommie: Rhade's vitals are strong. The slipfighter's are not.

Beka: (referring to the Maru) Hey, Rhade, don't ding it up!
Rhade: How could you tell?
Beka: (stroking the Maru) He didn't mean that.

Calvino: It's left, left, and the first hard right. (swinging some chicken)