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A Triumvirate is a group of three who form the highest political office that exists within the Systems Commonwealth government. There are a total of 3 triumvirs in the Commonwealth who make up the Triumvirate.


The Triumvirate was founded and chosen to be the ruling political regime of the newly founded Systems Commonwealth in the early days of Vedran history. While the Vedran Empire was crumbling under its own weight, it was obvious that a new system of government was needed that would appeal to all the species under Vedran influence so that order could be held and a peace could persist. There was progressivism that became republicanism, and factions of every religion, race, and species called for the abolishment of the Imperial Throne and establishment of a Systems Republic. The needed government was one that could be mostly controlled by the people but one that would still be capable of making and acting quickly on issues that needed quick and decisive action. So, idea of a Systems Republic became the Systems Commonwealth, and instead of being an absolute hereditary monarchy as it had been during the times of the Vedran Empire, it became a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, with the Empress as a ceremonial head of state. Ultimately, the triumvirate is a system that was chosen because a government of sustained stability was needed in a time of crisis, and after the crisis was averted the system was found to be a very good way to rule.


Every 3 years, a general election is held for the Triumvirate positions. Candidates have to go through several smaller, preliminary elections to determine a pool of 10 candidates, who are then voted for by the people. For the main election, the candidates are supposed to go to Xinti. However, occasionally a controversial candidate or one whose life might be in danger if they travel without protection or via conventional methods are afforded special consideration by the Commonwealth, and are given transportation. An example of this is when the Andromeda Ascendant and her crew were ordered by the High Guard to take Sid Barry to Xinti for the election because he had so many enemies.

Reason for 3 Members[]

The reason for 3 individuals as head of government is rather simple: simplicity, balance, and speed. 3 is the minimum number of people needed to reach a consensus on an issue, which allows for there to be a quick and speedy action taken on a single topic. Although an issue might be voted on quickly, the issue at hand is debated and discussed throughout the lower echelons of the Commonwealth government and thoroughly vetted before it is sent to the triumvirs for a final decision. 3 individuals also serve to balance the power, allowing no one person to control a government that spans galaxies. It makes it impossible for a sole Triumvir to gain absolute control.


Triumvir is the title given to a person who has assumed a role as one of three heads of government in the Triumvirate of the Systems Commonwealth. The designation was used by both the original and New Systems Commonwealth as well as the independent government of Tarazed before its induction into the New Commonwealth.

When addressing a Triumvir, a speaker would say "Tri-" and then the Triumvir's last name to create the respectful honorific. Isabella Ortiz, for example is referred to as Tri-Ortiz.

The plural of "Triumvir" is "Triumviri," or "Triumvirs".

Known Triumvir[]


  • This form of oligarchy was made famous by Shakespeare in "Anthony and Cleopatra", in the combination of Marc Anthony, Octavius and Lepidus, although this was far from the first or last example of this power group. It comes from the Latin "trium" meaning 3 and "vir" man (the source of "virile" in English).
  • Several governments in "Star Wars" used the triumvirate system for a "balance of power".