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Tri Jema
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Tarazed
Nation-State: Tarazed
Profession: Politician
Rank: Triumvir
Age: 30
Status: Dead
Played By: Carmen Moore
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Dylan Hunt


Tri-Jema was 1 of 3 Triumvirate members of the New Systems Commonwealth, serving beside Tri-Lorn and Tri-Camille. The internal discord and corruption led the Triumvirate to secretly change allegiances to “protect” the Commonwealth. The most corrupt of the Triumvirate, Jema was eager to use the Andromeda Ascendant and its crew as an asset, so long as it would benefit her hold over power. Despite being rescued by Dylan Hunt in "Answers Given to Questions Never Asked" and sending Dylan on a mission to investigate Citizen Eight in "Pieces of Eight," Tri-Jema chose to side with the faction she regarded as the winners, the Collectors. After betraying Dylan by refusing to intercede for him despite his pleas during Pish Tryan's kangaroo court in "The Torment, The Release", Jema sent a Collector affiliated Commonwealth operative Indra Xicol to accompany Dylan under the guise of reconciling with him so Indra could steal a Star Map to the Route of Ages from him.

Jema never intended to pardon Hunt and consistently threatened and taunted the crew of the Andromeda, prompting an annoyed Seamus Harper to express that he couldn't believe there was a time he thought she was cute. Jema taunted Hunt once more after she believed she had succesfully acquired the map from him and reminded him of the Magog World ship which she believed would wipe him out. After she had disconnected from her hologram, Dylan expressed he was relieved she had taken the bait to his trap, failing his test.

While trying to rendezvous with Indra, Jema and her Triumvirate Heavy Cruiser flagship, the Halcyon Promise, lost control upon entering a Slipstream vortex that only a small vessel could safely navigate, the mythic slipstream maze. Indra who was now trapped within the slipstream maze, tried to warn Jema before entering but was too late. The Triumvirate cruiser entered the maze the crew lost control and the ship was destroyed. Overcome with terror, Jema called out for help and was promptly vaporized along with her ship, leaving Indra trapped alone in the maze forever. ("Trusting the Gordian Maze")


(Moments before her death) "Oh God help us! Help!"