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Tri-Camille is a Triumvir who serves beside Tri-Lorn and Tri-Jema. She is one of the three representatives of the New Systems Commonwealth. The Collectors put her in the Triumvirate because she was easier to control than her sister, Isabella Ortiz.


Behind the Scenes[]

Tri-Camille is noted as being the sister of Isabella Ortiz however her appearance, more specifically, her skin tone is a continuity error. The reason for this is that although the character of Isabella Ortiz is shown to be a darker skinned woman this appearance in fact does not reflect the actually biological features of Ortiz but that of her friend Cory whose identity she assumed. In simplest terms by the time the crew of the Andromeda encountered Ortiz the face they saw was not the one she was born with and thus Camille's appearance should be that of a more fair skinned, potentially blonde, woman. This of course assumes that Camille and Isabella were biologically related, a reasonable assumption, but one that nonetheless would not have to be true. It is also certainly possible that Camille underwent a similar procedure to change her natural appearance however there is no evidence to even suggest that would be the case. So, coupled with the many continuity oversights of the writers throughout the series this choice is almost undoubtedly a mistake.