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Pyrian Torchship
Manufacturer: Pyrian
Type: Capital Ship
Length: 2000 Metres
Beam: 900 Metres
Draft: 800 Metres
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Slipstream
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Combat Systems: Artificial Gravity Mass Packet
Heavy Weapons systems: Neutron Ground Attack Missiles
Energy Manipulation: Plasma Beam Cannon
Chronological and General Info
Era(s): Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth


Torchships are the primary warships of the Pyrians and are considered one of the most sophisticated combat vessel classes in the known universe. The Pyrians, a methane breathing species, engaged the first Systems Commonwealth in a series of border skirmishes. It was during these conflicts that the Torchships gained their fearsome reputations as advanced starships capable of going head-to-head with Glorious Heritage Class cruisers such as the Andromeda Ascendant.

Ships of this class exceed many other warship designs in sheer size and are comparable in size to Glorious Heritage cruisers. However unlike ships such as the Andromeda, Torchships are remarkably slow and can ordinarily be out maneuvered by most vessels. To compensate for this deficiency in combat Pyrian Torchships often use small gravity generators referred to as "Artificial Gravity Mass Packets" to disable their enemies ability to escape and/or maneuver. Simultaneously, the Torchships will deploy fighter squadrons of ships which resemble smaller versions of the Torchships themselves. After the enemy has been successfully cornered and pinned down, the Torchship moves in and slices the enemy to pieces with its plasma beams.

Due to the fact that Pyrians require a methane rich atmosphere to breath, Torchships are filled with the necessary gasses required to sustain Pyrian life. These gasses are shades of green in appearance.



Pyrian Torchship firing on the Andromeda