The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Dead
Played By: Moya O'Connell


Tiama was a devoutly religious Hajira who fought for the freedom of her people against the slavers who threatened their planet. She had a younger brother, Arun, who sought a less violent solution, and became a Wayist, under the tutelage of Brother Thaddeus Blake. Tiama ultimately died after stealing genetic material from Rev Bem, which she used to infest herself with Magog larvae, in an attempt to create fierce warriors to assist the Hajira in their battle. The genetic memory Hajira inherit from their parents made her Magog "offspring" unique, and far less feral in a general sense than their species. In the end, her sacrifice was instrumental in driving back the slavers, and her "children" remained with the community, under the care of Arun.


  • She may have something in common with Tiamat, the Sumerian elder goddess who gave birth to the race of younger gods.


The consequences of Tiama's choice

Tiama infested with Magog larvae.

Tiama planning her strategy

Tiama discusses the fate of the Hajira with Rev Bem.