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The World Turns All Around Her


Production #


Original air date

November 10, 2003

Written by

Paul Barber and Larry Barber

Directed by

Peter DeLuise

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi
Ivar Brogger as Pish Tryan
Robert Saunders as Spirit of the Abyss

Preceded by

Soon the Nearing Vortex

Followed by

Conduit to Destiny

"Beneath the web-thin simulacrum,
inundating and fecund
live myth and manifold truths.
Not one point of view
can embrace them at a glance."
Council of One,
CY 2333

"The World Turns All Around Her" is episode 7 of Season 4.


Dylan Hunt records a message to the Commonwealth, informing them that the Andromeda is about to go through the portal of the Route of Ages, and warns them about Tyr Anasazi and the Collectors.

Trance Gemini tells Dylan that there are many universes on the other side of the portal, and not all are evil. She promises to be there to help him on the other side, saying she was "born to traverse all universes."

Andromeda comes under light fire from a Nietzschean fleet, but Dylan decides not to engage them. Tyr contacts him, offering to trade Beka Valentine for the Route of Ages, but agrees to an exchange of hostages, so that Dylan can talk to Beka.

Beka and Tyr talk on Arun-Roy, where Tyr was taking refuge. Beka reassures Tyr that she is only going back to the Andromeda to tell Dylan that she is leaving. She says that the Route of Ages will give Tyr power, and she wants to share it. Seamus Harper arrives, for the hostage exchange, and seems worried about Beka's intentions, but exchanges verbal barbs with Tyr, forcing Tyr to smile.

Beka tells Dylan that she wants to see how things play out with Tyr, and find out what he knows. She asks him to trust her. Dylan agrees to let her and Tyr follow them to the Route of Ages.

Trance and Rhade discuss Beka's actions. Trance does not seem concerned, but Telemachus Rhade does. Trance, however, leaves him thinking.

Tyr informs Pish Tryan that the Magog have moved earlier than expected.

Beka asks Tyr to convince her to stay with him, reminding him that he asked her to come. She then seduces Tyr.

Dylan and Andromeda prepare to follow the Route of Ages.

Tyr tells Beka that the portal is the key to stopping the Spirit of the Abyss. He explains that the Magog are only two months away, and the Commonwealth cannot be ready in time, but he feels he can stop them with his Nietzschean fleet, after they have destroyed the Commonwealth. He claims that if she helps him get the Star Map, she will be saving the universe. He agrees to share power with her if she helps him follow Andromeda, and she agrees. They follow the Andromeda in the Eureka Maru. Dylan tells Rhade (who is piloting) to "lose her", but he cannot do so, and they arrive at the portal.

Tyr explains to Beka that the portal gives them a way to enter the Abyss and weaken it. He re-affirms his intention to share power with Beka, but says that Dylan has to die.

Tyr contacts Dylan, and demands the map, saying that Beka is with him now. Beka, however, pulls a gun on Tyr, and tells Dylan what Tyr has told her about the Route of Ages. Tyr cuts the connection, and turns on Beka. She pulls the trigger, but Tyr had already disabled the gun. They fight, and bump into the controls, sending the Maru out of control, spinning towards the portal. Andromeda grabs the Maru with Bucky cables, but the portal is exerting too strong a pull. Dylan orders Andromeda to release the Maru, but in a controlled fashion, so they can follow it in and rescue Beka. The Maru tumbles through the portal.

Dylan sends couriers to Tarazed and follows the Maru into the portal. Trance tells everyone not to resist. There is a blinding light, and strange distortions. Trance guides them verbally, and they find themselves on the other side of the portal, orbiting a planet, but there are no readings on Andromeda's instruments. People start to disappear and reappear, and Andromeda finds herself empty, with no readings on her instruments.

Trance, as a disembodied voice, says that she will be everyone's guide. She explains that she is holding their collective consciousness together, and in this universe, their thoughts become manifest.

Harper, Dylan, and Rhade find themselves in a cave complex, and search for Beka. The Abyss starts to materialize, and Trance tells them that the Abyss only has the power that they give it. They shoot at it, and it subsides.

Tyr, with Beka, is standing on a cliff, and calls out the Abyss, offering to make a deal: Beka, who will deliver Dylan, to let him leave alive. The Abyss arrives.

Tyr finds Dylan, Harper, and Rhade, and a firefight ensues. Tyr calls to Dylan, offering a trade: Beka for the map. Dylan, however, sneaks up on Tyr and attempts to take him captive, but Tyr bolts. Dylan shoots him, and Tyr falls into a chasm.

Beka seems to be in a trance, but Dylan and Trance call to her, and she snaps out of it. Trance tells them all to think about being on the Andromeda, and they return to the ship. The Maru returns to its hangar, and a darkness grows on the planet. Andromeda reports a force pulling them back. She fights against it, but is unable to reach the portal before it closes. Rommie says that the Route of Ages has no record of anyone getting out after a portal closes.

Dylan sends everyone away except for Trance, and asks Andromeda for complete privacy. He asks Trance about her earlier comment, about traversing universes. Trance says that she can get them out. Dylan asks her who and what she really is. Trance tells him that she is the Avatar of a sun, with the power to create and destroy. She says that she can destroy the Andromeda and remake it in the proper universe. She changes into a sun, which expands, consuming the ship, until they are re-made in their home universe.

Harper and Beka discuss Tyr, and their disappointment with how he betrayed them.

Dylan finds Trance, caring for her plants. They agree to keep Trance's secret to themselves for now.


Memorable Quotes[]

Harper: Tyr Ana-sleazy! Livin' large in the lap-dance of luxury!

Tyr: I could have you shot as well, and I just might, if you don't mind your manners.
Harper: This conversation goes any longer, and I'll demand it.
Tyr: It'd be a waste of ammunition.
Harper: Now you care!

Beka: So, now might be the time for one of those blunt but truthful Nietzschean comments.

Dylan: According to Rommie's internal clock and sensors, we were never gone.
Trance: Perception is quantum, cosmic and right here.