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Production #


Original air date

November 13, 2000

Story by

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz

Written by

Ethlie Ann Vare

Directed by

David Warry-Smith

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight

Production Designer

Ken Rabehl

Guest stars

Cameron Daddo as Raphael Valentine
Brian George as Serenity Vikram Singh Khalsa
Pablo Coffey as Wayist Monk
Charles Payne as Danyluk
Marco Soriano as Restorian Pilot

Preceded by

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Followed by

The Banks of the Lethe

"Many say living in the Way is difficult.
Is sleeping difficult?
Is waking?"
Serenity Vikram Singh Khalsa
Collected Works,
301 AFC

"The Ties That Blind" is episode 7 of Season 1.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 1


Tyr is teaching Trance some martial arts, while Harper is off the ship at a large surfing competition.

Andromeda receives a distress call from a Wayist courier ship. Rev identifies the person sending the call as Serenity Vikram Singh Khalsa, a well-known and respected Wayist leader. Andromeda moves to rescue them, and finds Serenity Khalsa in need of medical attention, and accompanied by Raphael Valentine, Beka Valentine's brother.

Rafe appears to have become a Wayist, but Beka does not believe him – he has a history as a successful con artist. Rafe claims he has changed, but Beka says she's heard it before.

In medical, Serenity refuses Trance's treatments – he has chosen the "mountain path" – a Wayist philosophy of acceptance.

Rafe tells Dylan that they were attacked by an unknown assailant on their way to mediate peace talks between the Restorians (an eco-terrorist organization that believes that if you cannot travel to other planets, then at least you can only mess up your own), and the Free Trade Alliance. Dylan decides that these peace talks are in his best interest, so he will take Serenity and Rafe there.

Tyr confronts Rev with the fact that the Wayists called for the Andromeda by name. He accuses Rev of letting the Wayists know about the Andromeda's plans, without telling Dylan he had done so.

Andromeda analyzes the damage to the Wayist ship, and identifies the radiation patterns as similar to those left by the mysterious ship they fought recently.

Beka finds Rafe looking through her music collection. She thinks she has caught him stealing again, but he is returning a disc that he stole earlier. Beka finally starts believing that maybe Rafe has changed, when he leaves in the Maru. Beka follows in a slipfighter, tracking him to a Wayist monastery.

Rev asks Serenity Khalsa about Rafe. Khalsa says that he understands the Restors' motivation, since he has seen destroyed worlds.

Tyr seems impressed by Rafe's theft of the Maru – he says it's the first self-motivated act he's seen on the ship. He suggests dropping Khalsa at the first opportunity and getting out of the line of fire. He laughs at Dylan's quest to restore the Commonwealth. Trance takes exception to this, and tells him to take it back or she will hit him. She actually starts for him, but Dylan intervenes. He says he understands Tyr's objections – there are a lot of losing battles, but the wins are big. Trance looks smug.

Andromeda analyzes the path of the ship that Khalsa and Rafe arrived in. She finds some inconsistencies, and finds nothing wrong with their slipstream drive.

Rafe is in confession at the monastery. We discover that he is, in fact, not a Wayist, but this is the cover for a Restor plan. He is asked to blow up the Andromeda, but he protests that this was not part of the original plan. He does not want to do it, and attempts to back out, but is threatened if he does.

Rafe and Beka leave the monastery on the Maru, discussing their old lives. Rafe suggests taking off and returning to their old life, but Beka says that she is proud of Rafe's conversion to Wayism, and encourages him to "see it through".

While researching Rafe's background, Rev finds a video record of Rafe at a Restor rally. He shares this information with Beka and Dylan. Beka confronts Rafe with it, but he says he was just there with a girl, and doing a bit of gun-running. When she pressures him, he admits that he is, in fact, an Free Trade Alliance spy, working undercover in the Restor organization, and that Khalsa is an imposter, working for the Restors – the real Singh Khalsa is dead.

Dylan asks Tyr to escort Khalsa to V-deck, but on the way, he collapses in a cloud of nanobots, which overwhelm Andromeda's systems, taking Rommie and the computer down. Rev tries to jump to slipstream, but cannot, and the Restors move to attack.

Dylan grabs Rafe and is about to shoot him when Beka intervenes, explaining that he is an Free Trade Alliance spy. Rafe says there is no "FTA cavalry over the hill", but Dylan has a plan.

Tyr and Trance head for the engine room, where they can initiate a manual override of Andromeda's systems, but the internal defenses are firing at them, so they have to dodge and run.

As the Restors voice defiance over the communications channel, Rafe leaves in the ship he arrived in. Beka hails him, and Rev warns her that the Restor channel is still open. Dylan says that he has just determined that Rafe has stolen their command codes, and Beka chases him in the Maru. Rafe tells her that he has saved the two of them by getting them out of the Andromeda. Beka fires kinetic missiles at the ship, but before it is destroyed, Rafe transmits the command codes. The Restors use these command codes to target the Andromeda, but their missiles reverse course and destroy the Restor ships. Rafe returns with Beka on the Maru – it was all a set-up, Dylan's plan.

Dylan chastises Rev for not telling him that he had informed the Wayists about the Andromeda. Dylan then invites Rafe to stay on board, but Rafe declines, saying he plans to return to the Wayists.

After Rafe leaves, Beka finds her entire music collection stolen, replaced by a message from Rafe, saying that he can't believe she bought his story, and he's returning to "business as usual".


  • Plato's "The Republic", Book 7 section 531 says, "If the study of all these sciences, which we have enumerated, should ever bring us to their mutual association and relationship, and teach us the nature of the ties which bind them together, I believe that the diligent treatment of them will forward the objects which we have in view, and that the labor, which otherwise would be fruitless, will be well bestowed."
  • John Fawcett wrote the hymn "Blessed Be the Tie that Binds".
  • The title combines the above with the image of the blindspot which we have concerning those we care about.
  • The musical score played over the introductory quote for this episode is an excerpt from the track "Summer Forest" from the soundtrack for the PlayStation game "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage", composed by Stewart Copeland.
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett does not appear in this episode, as Harper is said to be at a surfing competition.

Memorable quotes[]

Trance: Patching him up is easy as cake.
Dylan: "Easy as pie."
Trance: Are you sure about that? I think that making pie is a lot harder than cake.
Dylan: Just fix him, Trance.
Trance: Oh, he'll be fine. Compared to baking, brain surgery is a snap.

Dylan: Talking to yourself is the first sign of mental collapse.
Rommie: (avatar and hologram) Only for wetware.

Dylan: Any of your prayers been answered, Rev?
Rev: Many, just not today.

DVD Release[]

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