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The Shards of Rimni


Production #


Original air date

October 7, 2002

Written by

Bob Engels and Matt Kiene

Directed by

Brad Turner

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Winston Rekert as Zeus
Lawrence Bayne as Abelard
Colin Corrigan as Peder
Sal Sortino as Konstantine
Scott Owen as Maitre'd
Tonjha Richardson as Max Lincoln
Tyler McClendon as Commonwealth Security
Tim O'Halloran as Fellenhoff Jailor
Kamunchi Kai as Commonwealth Commander
Jimmy Chong as Slippilot

Preceded by

If The Wheel Is Fixed

Followed by

Mad To Be Saved

"The loyal heart
has hidden treasures.
In secrets kept,
In silence sealed."
Commander Zing Bex,
"The Art of Secrets".
Approx. CY 2575

"The Shards Of Rimni" is episode 2 of Season 3.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 3


Andromeda Ascendant receives a courier drone, containing mail for the crew. Seamus Harper receives an anti-gravity hoverboard, he is planning a vacation. Beka Valentine receives some holo-novels. Dylan Hunt receives a package, from someone named Konstantine, that disturbs him. It contains a map and a shard of pottery. He tells the crew that when "they" ask, he did not receive this message.

Dylan takes Harper on the Eureka Maru, and they go to Fellenhoff Drift. When they get to Dylan's objective, he finds the door locked, and gets Harper to open it by jacking in to the lock. In the room, he finds a dead body, and a spider web pattern drawn in its blood. The body is Konstantine, the person who sent him the message. While he is considering his course of action, Commonwealth authorities arrive and arrest Dylan and Harper for murder.

Information of Dylan's arrest arrives on the Andromeda. Tyr Anasazi notes that the evidence is quite convincing, but Beka reminds him that the evidence against Tyr on Castalia was similarly convincing.

Dylan and Harper are being held in a cell. The Commonwealth Security force is expected to arrive in three days, so they have that time to escape and clear their name. A guard opens the door and tells them he is letting them go, he has received a large bribe to do so. Dylan tries to get him to tell them who bribed him, but he insists that he does not know.

Harper suggests that they call the Andromeda in to help, but Dylan does not want to get the rest of the crew involved.

Beka, Rommie, and Tyr are researching the background of Dylan's victim, who was a contract killer. They receive news of Dylan and Harper's escape from the jail, and that Dylan is now accused of the murder of a jailer as well.

Harper comes to the conclusion that the spider web pattern was a clue left for Dylan by the murder victim. He also deduces that this is about the shard of pottery, and that Dylan already had a shard of his own. Dylan still declines to volunteer any more details.

They travel to a world where they find a cave complex. Dylan claims that someone is hiding here, and Harper finds a spider web pattern drawn on the walls. A robotic sentinel emerges from a door and targets Harper, but Dylan destroys it with his Force lance. They duck through the door just before it closes.

Dylan finds Abelard, the person he was searching for. Abelard knows who Dylan is, and has yet another shard. He explains that there were four people who each had one shard, and they needed Dylan's to complete the set. They planned to blackmail Dylan, take his shard, and kill him. Abelard has received a package from one of his former partners, Zeus. The package contains a message and a finger cut from the hand of Peder, the final partner. The message demands Abelard's shard.

The Andromeda is contacted by a Commonwealth officer, who demands Dylan's surrender, and will not believe that he is not on board. She gives them two days to hand him over. Beka and Tyr decide to use these two days to delay the Commonwealth Security forces, and give Dylan the time to do whatever he is doing. They turn the Andromeda around and start running, followed by an ever increasing fleet of Commonwealth ships.

Abelard plans to give his shard to Zeus, but Dylan speculates that Zeus will probably kill him anyway. Harper offers to manufacture a fake, but Dylan dismisses the idea.

The Maru lands on a jungle planet, where Abelard was to meet Zeus. Dylan follows Abelard to the meeting place, to protect him. Dylan is attacked by an alien thug, whom he kills. Abelard arrives at the meeting place, and sets the shard down. Suddenly, it is snatched by a human, who runs away with it. Dylan pursues, and catches him, taking the shard and a communication device. Zeus contacts Dylan on this device, and demands that he bring the shard to a café on Zempf Drift.

The Andromeda continues to delay and distract Commonwealth Security, now supported by the Castalians.

At Zempf Drift, Dylan leaves Harper to watch Abelard. Abelard tells Harper that Dylan led a mission to recover the shards, and Harper is upset that Dylan did not take him along. Suddenly, Abelard says that he realizes where Dylan went, to meet Zeus, and runs out of the Maru, with Harper in pursuit.

Dylan meets Zeus in the café. Zeus claims to have been studying Dylan. He demands the shards, saying that he has people positioned in the café. Dylan claims that he, too, has people in the café, but Zeus does not believe him.

Harper contacts Dylan on his sub-dermal communicator, which Zeus cannot hear, although he can tell that Dylan is receiving a message. Harper tells him that Abelard has left. Zeus deduces what the message was, and verifies it for Dylan by showing him that he has Abelard held hostage.

Zeus believes that re-assembling the shards will grant him some sort of power.

Dylan speaks to the waiter in an alien language, which he understands, but Zeus does not. Dylan orders a cream pie for dessert. When the waiter brings the pie, singing (as if for a birthday), Zeus signals his people to attack. Dylan fights (making use of the pie), and manages to overpower the thugs, but Zeus escapes.

On the Andromeda, Tyr asks how long they will have to run. Beka says that run until they hear from Dylan, or about what has happened to him. Trance encourages them to trust Dylan to be where he needs to be.

Harper asks Dylan for more information about the shards, and why Dylan did not take them on the initial mission. Dylan explains that the mission was 310 years ago, before he was trapped in the Black Hole, but is still not giving details about the shards.

Zeus contacts Dylan on the communications device. Dylan says that he will give not only the shards, but instructions on how to use them, if Zeus will release Abelard and Peder, alive. In the background, Abelard warns Dylan not to do it, but Dylan heads for the arranged rendezvous anyway.

Harper thanks Dylan for trusting him enough to take him on this mission. Dylan finally explains the nature of the shards. He reminds Harper about a child's rhyme about the "Vase of Rimni", a legendary artifact that was said to bestow "the sympathy of the cosmos" on the owner.

The shards are the pieces of this vase. He goes on to explain that Commander Stark had sent a Special Operations mission with him as the leader to retrieve the Vase from a tyrannical dictator. When the mission team found it, the vase was broken into 5 pieces, so each of them took 1 piece, to keep it out of the wrong hands and swore an oath of secrecy.

Dylan and Harper arrive at the rendezvous point to find Peder's body. After a brief scuffle with Zeus' thugs, they agree to take Harper and Dylan to Zeus.

Harper and Dylan burst in on Zeus unannounced, and in the heat of the fight, Abelard turns on them. When Zeus pulls a gun on Dylan, Harper jumps in the way. Abelard tackles Harper, distracting Zeus enough for Dylan to overpower him, but Abelard is holding Harper with one of the vase's shards held to his throat. Zeus runs off, and Abelard shouts after him to meet at their pre-arranged point. Dylan tells Harper to give the shards to Abelard.

The Commonwealth fleet is following the Andromeda Ascendant, having given 6 "last warnings". Beka states that the bureaucracy has not given them permission to fire. The Commonwealth fleet breaks off their pursuit of the Andromeda, they have discovered that Dylan is on Zenth.

Abelard re-assembles the vase, but nothing happens. Dylan claims that it was all just a story. Abelard is upset by this, and starts to protest the unfairness of the universe, and how all this work, including the murders, was for nothing.

The Commonwealth is preparing to attack the Drift, but Andromeda opens a communications channel to Dylan, allowing him to broadcast Abelard's "confession".

Back on the Andromeda, Dylan praises Harper's courage, and gives him a medal. Harper then turns his attention to the vase, considering it useless. Dylan begs to differ; Zeus and Abelard believed that the vase would give them power, but to himself, he sees it as a symbol of unity and faith that they put in the Commonwealth. Harper adds that the result of this was 3 men dead, Abelard imprisoned and Zeus left on the run, all for a worthless piece of glass. But a look from Dylan indicates that that he does not consider the vase worthless, but priceless.


  • The objective is a mythical legendary object.
  • Considering their later actions, the Collectors could have been the people behind falsely acccusing Dylan and wanting to obtain the Vase of Rimni, since it bestows "the sympathy of the cosmos".
  • The poem for the Vase of Rimni: "Where are you going, my fine young knight, Where are you going, across land and sea? To fight for what is good, stop what is bad, All for the vase of Rimni."
  • Rimini is a city in Italy.
  • Harper’s demand to know what Dylan is searching for is similar to 2 other storylines.
    • In “The Rock”, Ernest Paxton demands to know who John Patrick Mason is.
    • In “Department S”, several episodes, such as “The Ghost of Mary Burnham”; the team demands answers before continuing an assignment.
  • The sign above the door panel on Fellenhoff Drift in the opening act reads "шьзщке фтв учзщке". This is actually the phrase "import and export" written on an English keyboard using a Russian character set.
  • When Harper plays back Zeus's message on the Maru, the IBM logo can clearly be seen on the monitor.
  • The conclusion in which all the shards are realigned only to be revealed as a powerless vase bears similarity to Dashiell Hammett's novel and its subsequent film adaption, "The Maltese Falcon", in which the criminals achieve the object they had fought, stole, and killed for, only to realize their prize was an useless fake all along.

Memorable Quotes[]

Harper: I can feel the wind in my hair and the splatter of bugs on my teeth now!

Trance: He's Captain Dylan Hunt, restorer of the Systems Commonwealth, a modern-day Sani nax Rifati. Don't they know he doesn't commit murder?
Beka: Or, if he does, it's usually for a very good reason.

Harper: Now we can add "escaped cons" to the "Galaxy's Most Wanted Gangs" list.
Dylan: Well, at least we've got people talking about us.

Harper: Oh, yeah, the universe is so unkind to scumbags.

Abelard: Does this have to be dressed up in such high drama? No wonder the theatre's dead!
Harper: You haven't met Tyr.

Harper: They also serve who stand and wait.

Dylan: Sorry about the mess... Put it on Zeus' tab.

Rommie: The Commonwealth is still hailing us, and they're mad. They say this is the last warning.
Tyr: That's what they said five "last warnings" ago.
Beka: They're waiting for authorization. God bless bureaucracy!

Harper: Does this mean I get to order Rommie around?
Dylan: You can try.