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The Mathematics of Tears


Production #


Original air date

January 29, 2001

Story by

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz

Written by

Joe Reinkemeyer and Matt Kiene

Directed by

T.J. Scott

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight

Production Designer

Ken Rabehl

Guest stars

Monika Schnarre as Lieutenant Jill Pearce
Douglas O'Keeffe as Captain Warrick
Nathaniel Deveaux as Dutch
Thomas Milburn Jr. as Ensign
Lee Erdman as Magellanic Avatar
Janyse Jaud as Magellanic Avatar #2

Preceded by

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Followed by

Music of a Distant Drum

"If hope is the engine of the soul,
Then duty is the navigator...
And love is the fuel."
High Guard Supreme Commander
Sani nax Rifati
"Persuasions and Exhortations"
C.Y. 4279

"The Mathematics of Tears" is episode 12 of Season 1.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 1


The crew receives a message from Trance, who announces that she's extending her vacation time. Dylan doesn't take well to this and sees that between Rev Bem's retreats and Harper's surfing competitions, his own crew thinks of the Andromeda as a cruise ship and will go AWOL (Away Without Leave). Though Beka reasons that she allows this on the Eureka Maru, Dylan reminds her that they are not on the Maru. He explains that in three years of commanding the Andromeda, not one crewmember had gone AWOL but his current one is putting their personal interests above the good of the mission. Beka retorts that the crew has only known their personal interests their whole lives and surviving has been their mission; in her opinion, they've earned a break, though Dylan disagrees.

While shooting a few basketball hoops in his quarters, Dylan complains to Rommie that his crew doesn't care about restoring the Systems Commonwealth. She reminds him that they at least have good hearts and that the Commonwealth wasn't built in a day. Beka then enters to shows Dylan Gerentex's list of possible derelict High Guard ships.

The Andromeda heads to Herodotus in search of what Harper refers to as the "Ghost Ship of Tau Ceti VI." It is rumored that wandering vessels are attacked by a ghost ship with "glitters of gold". But instead of finding a planet, there's nothing but an asteroid field. They then detect an ominous transmission repeatedly saying, "No tears." They trace the source to be a golden Glorious Heritage Class cruiser.

Rommie identifies the ship as the Pax Magellanic, her older sister, one of the first Glorious Heritage classes. On her first mission, she saved Princess Sukarhit from a Magog attack and received honors from both the Vedran Empress, and the Triumvirate. She, Dylan, Beka, and Harper take the Maru and board the Magellanic in hopes of salvaging it. Beka remarks the ship looks exactly like her sister except for the golden color scheme. Upon boarding, the internal defenses attack them and won't respond to Dylan's command codes until the crew of the Magellanic shut them down. The de facto commander, Lieutenant Jill Pearce, is pleased to see a surviving High Guard. But even more shocking, the crew of the Magellanic had not aged a day, claiming that a Nietzschean weapon destroyed the planet, causing a side effect. The Magellanic was sent to assist General Sky Falls in Thunder during the war. Their slipstream was damaged and it would take four centuries to head to the nearest system and they might've died before then. Dylan asks to meet with Captain Warrick but he is dead.

Harper does a diagnostic of the Magellanic's Artificial Intelligence and determines that while it's functional, he describes its condition to be similar to a coma. Dylan states that if they can fix Pax, they'll have to erase her personality and start anew. Rommie tells Harper that a High Guard Artificial Intelligence contains classified documents that they can't afford to let fall into the wrong hands. Dylan assures her that it won't come to that; Pax was, is, a good ship.

Back on the Andromeda, Rev analyzes the Magellanic crew's DNA. He confirms that they are over three hundred years old but there are inconsistencies; everyone on Andromeda is aging normally and the asteroids have no effect. Tyr points out to Dylan that Nietzscheans don't destroy habitable planets, especially if they are standing on them. He points out there is no evidence in the planetary debris of the only Nietzchean weapon capable of destroying a planet, a Maxim Charge. Therefore, Pearce must be lying to them.

Dylan has dinner with Pearce on Magellanic; Rommie plugs into the Virtual Reality matrix to assist her sister; Harper and Magellanic chief engineer Dutch try to find out what's wrong with the slipstream drive. Inside the VR, Magellanic doesn't even recognize her sister, telling her to leave. Rommie uses override codes to get inside and from what she could tell, Jill destroyed the planet.

Harper and Dutch get through the welded door and find that the Exotic Matter Pulsar was ejected, on purpose. Dutch then starts attacking Harper and tries to throw him off the railing, but Beka arrives to make a timely save. They run through the halls of the ship, evading the deranged crewmen. When they reach Dylan and Pearce, Harper tricks the Artificial Intelligence into initiating an android diagnostic; instantly every crewman stops in his tracks, their heads slumped down: the crew are all androids, including Pearce. Realizing that Rommie is still hooked into the Magellanic's systems, the trio then start running back to the Maru, just as the diagnostic ends. An incoming transmission from Rev then reveals that there is no Jill Pearce in the crew manifest. Dylan pieces together that Pax Magellanic loosely translates in Latin to Jill Pearce; she's the ship's avatar. Rommie realizes that Magellanic must have created false life signs and renamed her avatar, for her sisters used to call her Maggie.

Though Dylan and Tyr advise erasing the Magellanic, Rommie insists on going back into the VR to confront Maggie, reminding Dylan that this is an issue that needs investigating. Agreeing with her, Dylan and Rommie both go into the VR, where they confront Maggie. She shows them the truth of the matter. Warrick took his entire crew down to the planet, leaving her alone. However, the Nietzscheans overwhelmed them and Sky Falls perished. He ordered her to initiate a self-destruct, so the Nietzscheans couldn't capture her and gain access to any of the computer systems. Jill was overwhelmed and tried to persuade her captain to escape to San-Ska-Re. The memories then flash to Warrick and Jill in a relationship. The memory then reverts to the Battle of Herodotus. Jill put her emotions ahead of duty and refused to obey orders. She ejected the exotic matter pulsar from the ship, destroying the planet. Magellanic presents this as proof that it was not her fault that the planet was destroyed; her lover betrayed her. To ease off her loneliness, she recreated the crew out of their medical logs. Dylan accuses her of disobeying a direct order and betraying her oath to the Commonwealth; sacrifice if necessary. Magellanic insists that the Commonwealth is dead and there was no point in following a self-destructive order; Dylan counters that though Tarn-Vedra is gone, its principles are timeless. What she did was wrong and she has to make up for it.

In the real world, the androids make it onto the Maru and begin attacking as music from "The Flying Dutchman" plays. In the VR, it also plays, before the Artificial Intelligence forces them to leave. They escape back to Andromeda as the Magellanic fires on them. They try to disable her but Maggie lowers her defenses so she could end her pain.

Some time later, Beka finds Dylan in a corridor and advises that the next time she points him to a derelict High Guard ship, tell her to go away. Dylan reminds her that she had good intentions and he in particular was reliving the past, to which Beka admits that she wouldn't put up with military protocol. Dylan admits to her that what he's got now is a crew he can depend on. Beka tries rubbing in for shore leave.

Meanwhile, Rev finds Rommie, who is uncertain how to cry as she was built to. Rev consoles her, telling her that the Divine's gifts are appreciated until she needs them. Rommie then asks a philosophical question: do Artificial Intelligences have souls? Rev says that anything that can love have a soul. Rommie admits that love can make one crazy, to which Rev tells her that's what tears are for.


Memorable Quotes[]

Beka: Once a century - they get less action than you do, Harper.
Harper: Ha ha. No they don't.

Harper: I really should shave those little hairs off the back of my neck.

Harper: Well, that's really sad that a whole world had to die, but you look great!

Rev: I've discovered something disturbing about Lt. Pearce.
Harper: What, that she's a psychotic android with a grudge?
Rev: I was going to say that she's not on the crew manifest.

Tyr: You're risking your lives to save a machine?

Beka: She's not just a machine, she's family.

Beka: You missed Tyr's cavalry charge.
Tyr: They were playing Wagner. It's the most fun I've had in six months.

DVD Release[]

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