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The Dissonant Interval (Part 2)


Production #


Original air date

May 17, 2004

Written by

Bob Engels

Directed by

Martin Wood

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Andrew Campbell as Councilman
Patricia Idlette as Councilwoman
John MacDonald as Ark Person
Marjorie Monaghan as Louisa Messereau
Catherine Thomas as Soprano

Preceded by

The Dissonant Interval (Part 1)

Followed by

The Weight (Part 1)

"Man is his own star.
His acts are his angels, good or ill
While his fatal shadows walk
Silently beside him."
Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine
AFC 54

"The Dissonant Interval (Part 2)" is episode 22 of Season 4.


Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini are surveying the damage to Arkology while considering their options. Trance tells Dylan that the Route of Ages is a way out for him, but only him. Dylan wants to save as many people as he can, but Trance says that it is more important for him to get himself out.

The crew meet. Telemachus Rhade wants to get as many of Arkology's citizens out as they can, and goes to do what he can in that respect. Seamus Harper reports that he is not progressing very well with Arkology's Slipstream drive. Dylan plans to destroy the Magog World Ship, but Trance and Rommie remind him that there are others on it, as the Magog's prisoners.

Beka Valentine is on the Eureka Maru, sorting through some of her stuff, including Tyr Anasazi's chainmaille shirt. She is upset about leaving the others, but feels that she has to get out while she can still do so. She does not want to stay and watch her friends die. Dylan comes to talk to her. He admits that he understands her choice, and promises that they will meet again.

While working on the slipstream drive, Harper finds a mechanism that controls the gravity on Arkology.

Rhade finds Louisa Messereau, just as the Magog arrive on Arkology. Louisa says that she will not abandon her people, so Rhade decides to stay and help.

A couple of Magog board the Maru. Beka kills them, and hastens her plans for departure. She contacts Harper, but he insists on staying to finish what he started, so Beka leaves alone.

Dylan and Trance prepare to defend the Andromeda Ascendant. Dylan moves the ship away from Arkology, to take advantage of her maneuverability.

Harper and Rommie plan to increase Arkology's gravity, by increasing its rate of spin. Dylan, as a Heavy Worlder, and the Nietzscheans should be able to manage in the increased gravity, and since the engineering section is in the hub, it will not be affected, but it should severely hamper the movement of the Magog.

Andromeda's Slipfighters engage the Magog Swarm Ship, but some get through and attach to Andromeda's hull. Dylan orders the crew to escape pods. Firefights with the Magog ensue on both Andromeda and Arkology. The Magog on Andromeda are looking for Dylan, they capture a crew member, and try to force her to tell them where Dylan is or to reveal the access codes, but she will not, so the Magog kill her.

Harper and Rommie put their plan into effect. Everyone on Arkology is pinned down. Harper contacts Rhade and instructs him to get to Marlowe's office, where the gravity is normal. A Magog enters the engineering area. Rommie grabs it, saving Harper, but the Magog manages to get a shot off, and Rommie explodes.

On Andromeda, Dylan has lost contact with the crew, and Andromeda tells him that the Magog are headed for Command. Dylan and Trance move to a weapons locker, which is more defensible, but they still have access to the ship's controls. Andromeda informs them that she has 58 swarmships attached to her hull.

Harper gets Arkology's slipstream drive online, but loses gravity control in the process.

The Magog blow open the door of the weapons locker where Dylan and Trance are holed up, but Dylan and Trance escape into the conduits. Dylan orders Andromeda to fire all Nova bombs into the Worldship, but they have little effect. Trance reminds Dylan that there is a way out for him, but Dylan is not willing to give up. Trance assures him that she believes he is the right man for the job.

Harper has Arkology moving, and is preparing for a slipstream jump.

Rhade and Louisa find a place to make a stand. They are attacked by the Magog, and they are holding their ground, but Louisa is badly injured. Rhade kills the Magog, and he and Louisa confess their love for each other, then, with more Magog moving in, Louisa dies.

Andromeda informs Dylan that all on-board crew other than himself and Trance are dead. Dylan orders her to cut off all life support, except where he and Trance are.

Arkology is moving, but it is breaking apart. Magog enter the engineering section, and Harper hides on a catwalk. An explosion distracts the Magog before they can find Harper, and he ducks into the conduits.

Trance retrieves her Bonsai Tree, telling Dylan it will provide access to another universe for him. She tells him that if he stays to fight, even if he wins the battle, he will lose the war. He must go, and even she cannot go with him. Andromeda reports that all Magog on the ship are dead, and restores the life support systems. Trance asks Dylan: What if he could go back, erase the last four years, and start over? Dylan kisses her, and leaves in a slipfighter, heading for the Route of Ages, fighting his way through the Magog swarmships. Trance commands Andromeda to head straight at the Worldship, emptying all missile tubes to clear the way.

As Dylan is fighting towards the Route of Ages, Beka returns in the Maru. She escorts him for a time, then turns to try to retrieve Harper and Rhade. She contacts Harper via his hand-held comm unit. They agree that "it's been fun", then Harper loses contact with her, and assumes the Maru has been destroyed.

Harper comes out of the ducts, and is grabbed by a Magog. Harper tries to fast-talk his way out of the situation, mentioning his friendship with Rev Bem. He suggests that the Magog could save him to kill last, but the Magog responds that he is the last.

Arkology breaks up and explodes, with a few sections drawn into the slipstream portal.

Trance says goodbye to everyone, then the power dies on Andromeda. Trance begins to glow, then manifests herself as a sun. Andromeda is consumed in a ball of light as the ship enters the Worldship structure, and the Worldship is destroyed.

Dylan enters the Route of Ages and finds himself in a large, dark room. He hears a disembodied female voice asking him "Have you come home from your journeys? Have you come home from your past? Dream, dear one, dream." As he moves through it, he meets another version of himself. They study one another, before the second Dylan turns and walks away.


  • In an alternate ending which was abandoned, Dylan entered the Route of Ages and would have been approached by a woman and a boy. The woman would tell the boy, "Give your father a big hug," to which the excited child would hug Dylan, implying that Dylan was the boy's father and that the woman was possibly his wife. Dylan would then notice a second Dylan Hunt (as seen in the finale's ending) who would observe this quietly before walking away.

Memorable Quotes[]

Dylan: Harper, I need an update.
Harper: Things are going from bad to worse, Boss.
Dylan: That's not a very good update.

Beka: Friends, gone. Past, gone. Future (smashes a disco ball), gone.

Rommie: Very good, Harper! I think you just increased our chances of survival to 55%!

Rhade: All the same, I have learned what I have learned, and this is graduation day.
Dylan (after talking to Andromeda): Congratulations, you've just graduated..

Harper: Look, Rhade, if you can hear me, you've gotta try to move through it. You're strong enough, you can do this, use those big muscles of yours!

Trance: Within seconds, the universe is going to be different.
Dylan: C'mon Trance, it's glass half full-time.

Trance: Dylan, have you ever thought that perhaps you traded the better angels of your nature for the mission you felt you had to do?
Dylan: No, Trance, I haven't. But I am about ready to trade my better nature for an angel who thinks 'CAN do'!

Rhade: We make our stand here. With luck...
Louisa: Which you don't believe in...

Trance: All dead... Now what?
Dylan: Now we've got nothing to lose.

Trance: No, you've done it before. Just follow the light.
Dylan: There is no light in space.
Trance: Your light, Dylan.

Dylan (after kissing Trance): It's been nice knowing you, Trance Gemini.

Trance: Andromeda, turn us towards the World Ship.
Andromeda: Please advise on strategy.
Trance: We're going to bring Light to the Darkness.

Beka (from the Maru): Hey, you remember what you said to me before we boarded the Andromeda for the first time?
Harper: Yeah, I thought there might be treasure.
Beka: Before that. You said, you said it was gonna be fun. Well Seamus, it was.

Magog: Harper.
Harper: Hold your horses there, handsome!