The Dissonant Interval (Part 1)


Production #


Original air date

May 10, 2004

Written by

Paul Barber and Larry Barber

Directed by

Martin Wood

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Blu Mankuma as Marlowe
Halee Dams as Sharla
Andrew Campbell as Councilman
Patricia Idlette as Councilwoman
John MacDonald as Ark Person
Fraser Aitcheson as Arkology Member
Michael St. John Smith as Ambassador Galdamez
Marjorie Monaghan as Louisa Messereau
Catherine Thomas as Soprano

Preceded by

Time Out of Mind

Followed by

The Dissonant Interval (Part 2)

"What is fate? Why do you ask?
The answer lies in the composing of Light and Influence.
Nothing will fall to you early or late."
Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine
AFC 54

"The Dissonant Interval (Part 1)" is episode 21 of Season 4.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Andromeda Ascendant finds an unknown, unarmed ship under attack by ships from a rogue Commonwealth faction. It has no weapons, but the pilot proves to be adept at evading attacks. As Andromeda moves in, the attacking ships shift their fire to her, and she fires back, destroying them. The pilot of the unarmed ship contacts them, she is a Nietzschean named Louisa Messereau, and her passenger is Ambassador Galdamez of Arkology. She informs Dylan Hunt that her Gravity Field Generator lens has been damaged, and Dylan offers assistance. Telemachus Rhade is clearly interested in Louisa.

Louisa and the ambassador come on board, and Dylan and Harper offer to arm their ship for their protection, but the ambassador declines, explaining that the civilization of Arkology is extremely pacifistic. He claims to have returned from a "successful" negotiation with the Magog, on the Magog World Ship. The crew, based on their past experiences, is shocked to hear this, but Galdamez insists that the Magog leaders are very civilized.

Suddenly, Galdamez collapses, and dies, with Magog hatchlings bursting from his stomach. Dylan and the crew kill the Magog.

Andromeda extrapolates the path of the Worldship, based on the information available, and determines that it is headed for the planet Ganesha, which Arkology orbits. The obvious conclusion is that the Magog intended their infestation of the ambassador to cause Arkology to be overrun with Magog before their arrival. Louisa confirms that Arkology is completely unarmed, and Andromeda heads to warn and protect them.

Arkology is a massive space station, 36 kilometers long.

Louisa invites Dylan to speak to Arkology's council. On the station, he is greeted by Marlowe, the head of the council. Marlowe does not seem to appreciate the magnitude of the threat the Magog represent. Louisa tells them that Arkology was, at one point, capable of slipstream travel, but they are not sure if it is still possible for the station. Marlowe explains that all decisions about Arkology are made in a "dream council", involving all of the citizens, which meets in a shared dream every night. Trance Gemini and Dylan agree that Arkology must be protected, as their peaceful nature represents the best of sentient life.

Beka is suspicious about the nature of Arkology. She and Rommie head out, in the Eureka Maru, to scout the current location of the Worldship.

Louisa and Rhade walk in the garden, discussing their differing approaches to Nietzschean philosophy. Rhade extols the benefits of competition, while Louisa insists that peace and cooperation are the better way. Rhade admits to Louisa that he is attracted to her, and she tells him the interest is mutual. Rhade expresses concern that Marlowe does not understand the Magog threat, but Louisa says that he does, and it is Rhade who does not understand the power of peace and love.

Beka and Rommie find the Worldship closer than expected. They are attacked by swarmships, but, as soon as they get a fix on the Worldship, they run to slipstream.

Dylan sleeps, and finds himself at the dream council. He is greeted in the council chamber by Marlowe, who notes that Dylan's finding the "dream-state" without training is unusual. He tells Dylan that the council is about to discuss the Magog situation. Dylan looks through a window in the council chamber which shows the stars. While the council is in deliberations, Dylan sees the hypercube shape of the Route of Ages in the stars. When the deliberations end, Marlowe tells Dylan that the council has decided not to move, they will meet the Worldship with love and compassion. Dylan insists that this will not work, but Marlowe disagrees.

Dylan and Trance discuss the situation. Trance understands the council's decision. She says that the Route of Ages leads to many universes, not just the Spirit of the Abyss. She says that there is something important in Arkology for Dylan. While they are talking, the Maru arrives, with some Magog Swarm Ships in hot pursuit. Andromeda helps destroy the last of them, and the Maru lands.

Harper examines Arkology's slipstream drive, which is ancient and in very bad shape, but he starts working on trying to make it operational.

Rhade tries to give Louisa a Force lance, but she will not take it. She insists on standing by her beliefs, and Rhade says that he is, likewise, committed to his Captain.

Dylan shows the Route of Ages in the stars to Marlowe. Marlowe tells Dylan about the Paradine, a legend of an ancient power, older than the universe itself. He tells Dylan that the two of them, Marlowe and Dylan, are the current incarnation of the Paradine, but Dylan has a hard time accepting this.

Dylan tells the crew that the council has decided that Arkology is going to stay, much to their surprise. Beka declares that she is going to leave anyway, rather than stay to face sure death, and walks out. Harper and Rommie go to work on the Slipstream drive, and Rhade goes to talk to the council, leaving Dylan and Trance Gemini. Dylan tells Trance what Marlowe told him about the Paradine, and Trance says that she believes it to be true, but Dylan still is not sure.

Marlowe tells the council that he is going to leave, and Dylan will lead them. He then disappears in a brilliant light. Dylan urges the council to move Arkology. He shows them the Route of Ages, and explains what it is. He says that evil has manipulated them to passivity, but he brings hope.

Seamus Harper and Rommie think they might be able to get the slipstream drive working, but in order to do so quickly enough, Harper will have to take some risky shortcuts.

Louisa tells Rhade that she is starting to understand the magnitude of the threat, while Rhade admits he is starting to understand the appeal of peace. They agree that they have to fight to save the people of Arkology.

Magog fighters approach Andromeda. Beka Valentine, in the Command Center, prepares to fight them. Andromeda destroys many of them, but some swarmships attach to Arkology. Magog board the station, where the people are not prepared to fight. Dylan, Rhade, and Louisa Messereau manage to repel the boarders, but not without casualties. Beka shoots down the last of the swarmships, then heads for the Maru to prepare for her departure.

Harper and Rommie do not think they have enough time to get the slipstream drive back online. Dylan says that he intends to stay and fight, regardless, and Harper promises that he will stay and help. He, Rommie, and Trance go to see Beka off. She seems to feel a little guilty, but she is not willing to stay against impossible odds, despite their urging. Harper assures her that they will be back together again when everything has settled, but Trance says that she believes that they will never be together like this again. They leave to join the fight, with Beka in tears.

Andromeda informs everyone that the Worldship has arrived, and is powering up a Point Singularity Projector. The PSP fires, blasting a massive hole in Arkology.

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Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Rhade: The enemy of my enemy is...
Dylan: Not defending itself.

Rhade: That's impossible! (responding to the puzzled looks of the crew) The Pride is extinct. 900 years Captain.
Louisa: Reports of our extinction have been greatly exaggerated.
Rhade (eager): I look forward to running geneaology with you, Louisa Messereau. (strange looks from crew)
Dylan (onscreen to Louisa): Hunt out. (turning) Been a long time, Rhade?

Harper (to the Ambassador): The great vehicle they call the Worldship? I think you'd better stop smoking your peace pipe!

Harper: A strategy! They infested the Ambassador as a covert tactic.
Louisa: If we hadn't been delayed?
Rhade: The Ambassador would've infested Arkology with those Magog babies.
Harper (scared): They've never used tactics before. Dylan: Welcome to the new world.

Marlowe: We live in peace, we die in peace.
Dylan: I admire you for that. But living in peace is a better option.

Rhade (to Louisa): I am a warrior. I look forward to knowing peace through your eyes.

Trance: You are the leader of the forces of Light.
Dylan: Well, I didn't ask for THAT job.

Beka (after escaping the Magog on a scouting mission): Guess who's coming to dinner.

Louisa: We live by what we know is true or we are nothing.

Dylan: Yes, but, it's a myth.
Marlowe: We... exist.

Dylan: You're telling me that everyone here on Arkology is part of the Paradine?
Marlowe: No, just two of us.
Dylan: Ok, you're one, and the other one is?
Marlowe: You, Dylan Hunt. You are one of the Paradine.

Rommie: Harper, repeating the information won't change what he said.

Trance: No plan survives contact with life. You taught me that.

Dylan: This is not the dream you think you're dreaming!

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