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The Than Hegemony is the interstellar state of the Than-Thre-Kull. The Hegemony has retained its influence through its joining of the Systems Commonwealth and survival of the Commonwealth's collapse, all the way into the new Commonwealth times. The Hegemony is a significant power in Known Space and has as its capital city San-Ska-Re.


During the Fall of the Commonwealth, the Than, who were part of the Systems Commonwealth were scattered across the galaxy. Although their Hegemony had fallen from political prominence and was viewed as a figurehead government, the fall caused the Than-Thre-Kull to reform it into a powerful nation once again. The Than began to amass large amounts of military equipment which enabled them to defend against threats like the Magog and Nietzschean prides. They also have been known to act as peace keepers in large tracts of neutral space. Though the Hegemony opted not to join the New Systems Commonwealth the Than nonetheless are still one of the Commonwealth's most powerful allies.


  • From the Ancient Greek 'ἡγεμων' (hēgemṓn), which means leader, this gem's name reflects the confederate and "first among equals" philosophy which shapes Than-Thre-Kull society and its head. To the Greeks, such a one was leader by skill and acknowledgement, rather than their ability in politics or to repress competition in the manner of a "tyrant".