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Homeworld: San-Ska-Re
Form of government: Than Hegemony
Systems Commonwealth
My life,
my soul;
for the hive, for the hive...

Refractions of Dawn


Of all the major species of the Commonwealth, the Than-Thre-Kull have arguably fared best in the post-Fall universe. Safe in their home systems, most Than have reverted to their pre-Commonwealth existence of hard work, strict caste lines, and indifference toward the outside universe. Like the Perseids, the Than are greatly missed by the many worlds which once benefited from their legendary industriousness and optimism.


The Than-Thre-Kull are highly intelligent insectoids. The Than are slightly smaller than Humans, with compound eyes and brightly colored iridescent carapaces.

Than are hermaphroditic. They mate by laying large clutches of eggs in a common burrow. Up to 100 Than place their eggs in any given burrow. The genetic material of all the Than in the spawn mix produce tens of thousands of small, helpless grubs. Than grubs are not particularly intelligent, and spend several months eating specialized fungi, grown on Than farms. After that time, the surviving grubs spin cocoons where they metamorphosize into adult Than. Only one in 100 Than survive to reach their adult stage, but those that do consider every Than who participated in their spawn their "parent." Thus, Than society is supported by a web of complex family relationships, in which every Than has hundreds of parents and siblings to call on in times of need.


Than superficially resemble Terran ants and live and work in large cities. However, Than do not share a collective "hive" intelligence. In fact, Than are highly individualistic. They take great pride in their appearance and are accomplished builders and engineers. The Than are fiercely proud of their accomplishments and traditions, even while remaining loyal members of the Commonwealth. If humans describe themselves as the Commonwealth's "backbone," the Than must be its tough exoskeleton.

Caste System[]

  • Carapace Color
    • Yellow-Brown Amber Than: do the bulk of the work.
    • Dark Green Emerald Than: serve as warriors.
    • Bright Red Ruby Than: specialists in technology and building.
    • Brilliant Blue Sapphire Than: scholars and scientists.
    • Shimmering Diamond Than: a royal caste of leaders and priests. The leader of the Shimmering Diamond is the Overdiamond, the leader of the entire Than race.


A Than's full personal name in Common is a haiku, but to make conversation easier they choose a short form, consisting of a key phrase from their full name. E.g., Refractions of Dawn, Twilight, and Clarion of Loss.

For example, Refractions of Dawn is called "Dawn" by her friend and captain Dylan Hunt.

The name lengths are similar to the difference between a Chiss's full name and the core name.


The Than society was, and is, one of the strongest of all the members of the original Systems Commonwealth. Beginning on their homeworld San-Ska-Re, they are the only race to have developed slipstream technology independently of the Vedrans, and had already expanded onto nearly one hundred worlds when they encountered and joined the Commonwealth.

The Than were long-standing and productive members of the Systems Commonwealth, contributing substantially to scientific and military endeavors.

After the Fall of the Commonwealth, the Than were one of the few societies to pass through the Long Night relatively unscathed. They fell back to the security of their home systems, and continued to exist in much the same way they had before joining the Commonwealth.

At the beginning of Season One of Andromeda, the Than Hegemony is probably the most stable and cohesive civilization, and possesses the second most powerful fleet remaining in known space. However, Fleet Marshall Cuchulain Nez Pierce of the Drago-Kazov Pride had won several important victories for control of their border colonies.

Known Than[]