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Temujin II
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Nation-State: Kodiak Asteroid
Nietzschean Pride: Kodiak Pride
Father: Temujin I
Children: Barbarossa Anasazi
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night


Temujin was a Nietzschean of the Kodiak Pride, and the father of Barbarossa Anasazi. This is all that is known of him, taken from the traditional self-introduction by Barbarossa's son, "I am Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa, son of Temujin."


What is known based on the writings of Tyr Anasazi: "On Sex and Violence"

"my grandfather, Temujin II, would say that no man is to be trusted who doesn’t subsist on a steady diet of sex and violence as well. Of course, from a Nietzschean perspective, no man is to be trusted regardless"

"My grandfather, whom I admired, was a bit of a Dragonian lunatic, if I may use it as a term of endearment; a less extreme incarnation of his old namesake, Temujin I. Which is to say that a greater than average portion of his adult life was spent fighting and procreating; for Nietzscheans, the most inevitable if not the most pragmatic of life’s endeavors."

"My father, I’ve no doubt whatever, loved my mother deeply. My mother, with the utmost respect, I’m sure, very purely and simply found him no more and no less than useful. The Nietzschean woman, with very few exceptions, is, in the selection of her mate, solely about the business of making genetically superior children, again, for the furtherance of the pride, and most specifically for the furtherance of the bloodline from which she springs."

"My father said: “The greatest harm you can do to your enemies is to make too many babies for them to ever vanquish."

He was actually "Temujin II" the son of the original Temujin I. Temujin II fathered Barbarossa, and he in turn, fathered Tyr Anasazi. Temujin II can be reasonably assumed to have been a soldier, albeit less of an extremist than his father Temujin I. He held a strong love of his wife Victoria, however his wife found him to be little more than a genetically suitable mate. This is quite consistent with some of Telemachus Rhade's comments to Dylan Hunt immediately before the ambush at Hephaistos System.

"Nietzschean mates don’t tend to lie together without producing an offspring. I imagine that such couplings have occurred for the simple pleasure of it, but none of which I’ve been aware. While I see no harm, and perhaps some slight value in sexual gratification for its own sake, it is evident to me that the pleasure factor is simply a tool of procreation. Add to that the ninety-some-odd percent likelihood of conception that results from Nietzschean intercourse and the whole mechanism is, as has been said, extremely efficient indeed."

Nietzschean intercourse has a greater than 90% fertility rate, and Nietzscheans rarely have intercourse for any purpose other than procreation.

The writings of Keith Hamilton Cobb are considered cannon, according to the final paragraphs of the piece.

"Keith Hamilton Cobb is not a Republican, but he is a professional actor, and a gifted writer as well. He portrayed Tyr Anasazi on "Andromeda." While that show was still running, he wrote a number of officially-sanctioned journal entries in the character of Tyr, which were run online as part of the publicity surrounding the show. They have not been seen online since the series ended."


  • Temujin is the birth name of the fearsome figure known to history as Ghenghis Khan.