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The Templars are a group of humans who tried to restore order after the Fall. They were founded by Admiral Constanza Stark.


In the aftermath of the Battle of Witchhead, Stark gathered what humans were loyal to the Systems Commonwealth. With them, she founded the Templars, an organization dedicated to stopping the Nietzscheans and preservation of the High Guard's ideals. The main weapons used by the Templars are Force lances. In order to see that her goals were achieved, Stark had her mind transferred to a new volunteer body after the last died.

In 100 AFC, a group of Templars began to think that genetic engineering in general instead of Nietzscheans were the true threat and wanted the extermination of all altered humans and a ban on all genetic engineering. Stark personally threw these people out. These outcasts soon became known as the Knights of Genetic Purity, who soon became fanatical about their goal of universal genetic purity.

The Templars were mentioned to have been working behind the scenes while Dylan Hunt was busy restoring the Commonwealth. Some time after the restoration of the Commonwealth, the Templars soon revealed themselves to the new Commonwealth's pride and joy, the Andromeda Ascendant. They enlisted the ship's help in taking a Knights of Genetic Purity base, which was supposedly being used to develop and store a virus that was meant to destroy all altered humans. But in reality, Constantine Stark was lying, as it in fact held a virus to destroy all Nietzscheans. After taking the base, the Templars reveal that they intend to use the virus as a deterrent to free all slave worlds from Nietzschean control. After this, Hunt proclaimed the templars and their leader to be insane, and then the 2 groups parted ways as enemies. ("Twilight of the Idols")

A year later, the Templars kidnapped Seamus Harper, Dylan Hunt, and Telemachus Rhade to help with the designing and building of a Time Bridge to bring an army of Templars from 210 years in the future. However, the Magog of that time arrived instead, and killed almost everyone in the base of the Time Bridge. After this massacre it can be assumed that the organization was severely paralyzed since their command ranks had been decimated. ("Abridging the Devil's Divide")