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Technocore is a large corporation that creates advanced technology in a variety of fields. Technocore has entire governments, planets, and even star systems in their possession. According to Tyr Anasazi Technocore apparently had enough military technology to destroy the Andromeda Ascendant. The corporation designs their weapons to defeat the weapons that they sell to the Systems Commonwealth. Technocore has large military holdings that it dispatches to protect its assets, like fleets of highly advanced Slipfighters and frigates. The company manufactures ships, biotechnologies, Nanotechnology, and even creates DNA strands that can cure most of the galaxies viruses and diseases, as well as transforming life and planets.

Their logo is a gray, revolving pyramid with a circle in the center on all sides. Each circle is half black, and half white.

Technocore Preemptive Ops[]

Technocore uses a team of specialized soldiers that utilizes advanced weapons to retrieve stolen technology and to capture people that steal Technocores technology. Beka refers to them as "Death Squads". The teams use armor that is impervious to Force lance Effectors and Gauss gun ammunition, and wield guns that fire powerful bursts. The only thing that can penetrate their armour are their weapons.