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Location: Paa Core (3rd planet), Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 11,930 km
Moon(s): 2
Climate: Tropical to subartic
1.20 gravities
54% water
46% land
Societal information
Species: 92% Vedrans
5% Perseids
2% Humans
1% Miscellaneous
Population: 14 Billion
Events: First planet to have a native species that discovered the Slipstream
Capital of the Systems Commonwealth
Home of the Vedrans
One of 2 planets to have ever been tesseracted
Technical information
Defenses: Home Guard
High Guard

The surface of Tarn Vedra with its only moon in the background. The surface was only shown once during the series.


Tarn-Vedra was the homeworld of the Vedrans and the capital of the old Systems Commonwealth. It is one of the most important planets in the universe, having reached near mythical status after its disappearance during the Fall.


Tarn-Vedra was the original homeworld of the Vedrans and it was on this planet that they created Slipstream travel. Using their new found ability to journey the cosmos the Vedrans began an interstellar crusade conquering numerous planets and races which would become the Vedran Empire. As it evolved into the Commonwealth, Tarn-Vedra remained its capital.

During the Nietzschean Uprising, Tarn-Vedra was purposely cut off from the slipstream, making travel to it impossible. The loss severely damaged the morale of the factions fighting for the Systems Commonwealth.

Three hundred and four years after the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, a surviving Vedran, Uxulta, revealed to the last High Guard Captain, Dylan Hunt, that Tarn-Vedra was well aware of his attempts to restore the Commonwealth.

Tarn-Vedra had, in fact, existed as Seefra 1. The ancient Vedrans had engineered a complex plan, creating multiple artificial suns and planets, acting as large-scale machines in their design for their system to destroy the Spirit of the Abyss with the assistance of the Vedran Sun and the Route of Ages.

As the former capital of the Systems Commonwealth, Tarn-Vedra is a planet of contrasts. While the coastal and mountain regions of Tarn-Vedra's three major continents are among the most heavily urbanized in known space, the planet's vast swaths of prairie, tundra and savanna stretch on uninterrupted for thousands of square miles. The cities house the headquarters for many of the Commonwealth's administrative bodies, including the High Guard, All Systems University and Ministry of Public Welfare. Meanwhile, the plains are where the many Vedran clans, herds and nations hold the festivals, ceremonies and mating games that have bound their culture together for untold millennia.


Planetary Conditions[]


  • Tarn is from the Middle English "terne", describing a small mountain lake or pool, particularly one in a cirque. It comes from the Old Norse "tjǫrn", a pond or pool.
  • Tarn- is a verb core of "tarnen" in German meaning "to cloak".
  • Vedra is a municipality in Spain.
  • Vedran is a Slavic feminine adjective and Slavic name meaning "clear, cheerful", although the "ved-" root often indicates knowledge in Slavic languages.
  • The name may be a reference to Torres Vedras, the secret fortifications built in Portugal by Wellington to resist the invading French army.