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Location: Triangulum Galaxy
Societal information
Species: Human
Events: Capital of the Restored Systems Commonwealth
Technical information
Defenses: High Guard


Tarazed is the 4th planet of its system, and orbits a dim yellow dwarf. It is located in the Triangulum Galaxy. The system is very isolated, and is barely accessible by Slipstream.


Tarazed was first colonized by a number of humans and loyalist Nietzscheans, from the crews of the Andromeda Ascendant and the Starry Wisdom, led by Sara Riley. It managed to survive the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War and Long Night with considerable prosperity. It strove to retain the traditions of the Commonwealth and kept its own well armed fleet. For three centuries, due to the fact that Sara's former fiance, Dylan Hunt, had communicated with her from the future, Tarazed had been prepared for his return to restore civilization.

After 300 years, a scout ship was sent out to seek Dylan Hunt, Sara's former fiancee, so as to deliver him a video message.

Tarazed initially rejected membership in the New Commonwealth, due to the fear that they would draw the attention of the Magog and others that wished to destroy the New Commonwealth. After a faked Magog attack, this isolationist movement was overturned in a new vote and Tarazed joined the Restored Systems Commonwealth.

When the Andromeda returned from the Seefra System, it arrived to find that it had only been four days since the Battle of Arkology and that the Nietzcheans were planning to attack. The Battle of Tarazed occurred, and the Andromeda fought until it retreated through the Route of Ages to the Seefra System. There, the Andromeda destroyed the Spirit of the Abyss, the Magog leader, and the battle apparently ended in victory as the Nietzscheans retreated. The survivors arrived at the renewed Tarn-Vedra through the restored Slipstream portal.


  • Argosy Station Tarazed: military base and headquarters for the High Guard Argosy on Tarazed. Argosy Squadron Alpha is the primary squadron.
  • Grand Plaza: a site on Tarazed which the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant were given a tour of when they discovered the planet.



Tarazed from orbit with the Andromeda Ascendant in the foreground


Andromedas scan of the system