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Tamerlane Anasazi
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Status: Alive
Played By: Victoria Campbell
Mother: Freya Rajput
Father: Tyr Anasazi


Tamerlane Anasazi out of Freya Rajput by Tyr Anasazi is the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni, the Nietzschean Messiah.

Tamerlane was first conceived by his parents on the night of their wedding. His guardians soon realized that he was the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni, who all Nietzscheans believe will one day unite and lead the Nietzschean Prides to victory and glory across Known Space, creating a massive empire. However the rumors surrounding his birth spread quickly, reaching the ears of the Knights of Genetic Purity who escalated their activities greatly in hopes of hunting him down before the Nietzscheans could unite around him.

When the Knights of Genetic Purity attacked the Orca homeworld, his mother Freya was killed in the attack along with many others essentially destroying Orca pride. Luckily Tyr was able to intervene and ensure that Tamerlane would be spirited away by the Orca pride's Matriarch Olma who took the boy to be raised properly, free from danger or exploitation.

Tyr Anasazi used his genetic material to change his own DNA to Tamerlane's, so that he could reunite the Prides. Going to a Perseid surgeon operating on the black market Tyr had the surgeon graft his son's DNA onto his own essentially making his son's DNA his own. Tyr then went to the head of several Nietzschean prides and once he had proven that he was the reincarnation of Museveni, began to consolidate them into one enormous united Nietzschean Empire, reviving the empire which had toppled the original Systems Commonwealth.


  • The name Tamerlane is a reference to Timur.
  • The name Anasazi is from a Native American tribe, the Anasazi, whose name means "Ancient Enemy" in the Navajo tongue.