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Talia Waterkurk is the mother of Andromeda Ascendant crewmember Beka Valentine and her brother Raphael Valentine. She is also a prominent senator from an unknown planet, and is well known. It is unclear whether she was married to Ignatius Valentine or whether she was just involved, but they produced 2 children and lived together on the cargo vessel Eureka Maru for over a decade. She left him and her children when Beka was 7 years old, leaving her to the care of her drug addict and smuggler father. It is not known whether she is dead or alive. Beka does not like to admit to anyone that Talia is her mother, and only revealed it after Aleyiss San made the connection.


  • In the novel The Broken Places, written with the original series plan in mind, Beka and Rafe's mother and Ignatius' ex-wife is instead Magdalena Valentine, an adventuring archaeologist who dies during an encounter with the Engine of Creation not long after being reunited with Beka and Rafe on Andromeda Ascendant.