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Takilov Drift is a Drift in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is apparently a seedy place and a "snake pit" where nobody can be trusted. Murder, bribery, and other crimes are common and accepted even among the officers on the drift. Beka only stopped at the drift with her crew to pick up the latest download of mail. While there, Seamus Harper tried to pull a 2 man scam by himself, and got caught. Beka used the Eureka Maru to bail him out, and then broke the Maru out of the Takilov Drift Impound Lot. Its security forces have extremely fast, custom design Slipstream capable 1 person fighters known as Banshees. ("Destruction of Illusions")

Impound Lot[]

The Takilov Drift Impound Lot is the impound lot for spaceships on Takilov Drift. It is run by the Human Teena Harwell and a Than-Thre-Kull named Song of the Ocean. They have a contract with Drift Security that allows them to host the vessels. They came about ownership of the lot through theft, murder, and bribery. The drift 9 staff members, but the 2 owners are always there in case someone tries to take over the lot of kill one of the owners. The Lot is located on the outer portion of the drift on the North wall. There are 9 bays, and the lot has its' own Anti gravity field. All the bays can hold multiple vehicles of a respectable size, and each bay is partitioned by bulkheads and doors in case of a breach that would allow vacuum in. There are also security cameras in each bay.

The lot is an unscrupulous business place, as it holds vehicles and provides protection for bribes. There is a 1-3 ranking placed on every vehicle, this determines how the drift owners should sell the vehicle. Number 1 is for vehicles where a large bribe has been paid and the vehicle cannot be sold. Number 2 is for vehicles where a medium bribe has been paid and the vehicle can be sold for a high price. Number 3 is for vehicles where no bribe has been paid and the vehicle can be sold for any price.


  • A planet-hopper brought in by drift security that belonged to a Flash dealer who was being held on dozens of criminal charges, but was brought by a Sargent who's wife was cheating on him with the Flash dealer.
  • A taxi that had been abandoned in a casino parking lot for 2 weeks.
  • The Eureka Maru, that had been put up as bail for a thief who was caught attempting a scam.
  • A large luxury yacht which had been confiscated from a business man who had been caught a political and economic scam. After the investigation, it was supposed to be repossessed by security.

Known Inhabitants[]