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The Sword of Terpsichore was a weapon used by the Ursa Pride Alpha Olorun Bonaparte to kill his brother Ogun Bonaparte. After it was used to kill him, he threw it on the ground and shattered it in a fit of rage 5 minutes later. However, very few knew of its destruction and it was considered a rumor. A holograph of the sword was put on display in a museum on the Ursans' homeworld, because of its status as a prized relic. It was only found out to be a fake when Beka Valentine attempted to steal it, and put her hand through it when she tried to pick it up. It is such a good copy that the case it is in actually has the scent of metal in it, and the hologram has a reflection and looks real. It is the best hologram that Beka has ever seen.

It is valued because it has a strange but beautiful extremely fine and detailed filigree of blood on it from when it was used. Many forgers would like to get their hands on it, viewing it as the ultimate challenge. ("Destruction of Illusions")


  • Terpsichore is the Muse of Dance in Greek mythology. The name means "delight in dancing".