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Magog Swarm ship
Manufacturer: Magog
Type: Fighter/Dropship
Planet of Origin: Magog World Ship
Sections: 1
Crew Complement: 20
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Slipstream
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: Point Singularity Projector
Chronological and General Info
Faction: Magog


A Magog Swarm Ship is a fighter/dropship design to operate as deadly starfighters and boarding craft.


When the Andromeda Ascendant first encountered the Magog World Ship, the ship and crew were overwhelmed by hordes of Swarm Ships; the ship itself barely escaped after her entire crew had been killed. The Andromeda's next run-in with the World Ship was equally terrifying, as Hunt and his team witnessed firsthand the Swarm Ship's prolific ability to punch holes into the hull of a vessel and introduce its vicious warriors.


Swarm Ships are slipstream capable, and as the name suggests, they usually travel in tight formation. The ships have four "legs" that are articulated, and a pointed bow with an airlock in order to penetrate a ship. The legs can pierce a ship's hull and puncture it, then the fuselage thrusts forward, in order for the Swarm Ship's occupants to infiltrate and destroy the vessel's inhabitants. Each ship has weak defenses and can be easily destroyed, but this weakness is countered by having dozens, if not hundreds, of Swarm Ships attacking a single target at once, which almost always overwhelms the victim's defenses.

Their main weapon is a Point Singularity Projector, capable of firing a miniature black hole. However, the strength of a Swarm Ships PSP is a fraction as strong as the one the Worldship uses.