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A Surveillance Chip is a custom piece of machinery designed by the Templars. It contains a small amount of Antiprotons, as well as a microcircuits that allow it to operate. It is ingenious because the chip itself is extremely small and easily hidden, and, because of the intuitive nanocircuitry, it integrates itself into any system that it is placed upon. The Antiprotons also serve as a deterrent for anybody removing it, as it will self-destruct if tampered with. It also transmits video and audio information by leeching power from the system it is attached to, and sends the information "piggybacking" on the normal transmissions of the ship.


One of these was installed by Constantine Stark on the Eureka Maru to ensure Dylan Hunt's and Rommie's cooperation.



A close up of the chip integrated with the Maru's communication grid


Dylan and Rommie observing the chip


Rommie examining and trying to determine whether the chip can be safely removed